Music Hall CD-25.2 VS Rega Apollo VS Rotel 1072???

Any opinions on these players?? I can get them all used in the $450-$650 nieghborhood.
Rotel and Rega swing. Rotel adds HDCD chip but not sure if it's better player overall. Can't go wrong with either.
I've owned the Rotel 6 times. It's an awesome player. I can't compare it to the other two you have listed though, I've never heard them. I really want to hear the Apollo, and based on the comments, I'd be tempted to grab one of those over the Rotel.

If you can hold out another month or so, I think we are going to see CD player prices drop even more as people move towards a hard drive based system.
Please see my comments on the earlier generation of these players here:
Buy a Music hall 25.5 it is a true audiophile, high end, sounding world beater--- but--- It can be harsh, analytic and digitsl sounding. Depends on the rest of your gear. It has the cleanest sound of the 3, simply no comparison. Yes I own an older model 5 years with no problems> AT the time when they cost 400-450 new. It will drain the sludge out of your rig..
They are essentially out of business but the low priced Audio Aero "Prima" was a great player but too high. E-mail me I have good insider info.
I've been truly enjoying my Rotel RCD-1072 for almost a year now, and I am extremely impressed by the pure musicality of its presentation. The songs appear from a totally quiet background, and the PRAT factor is realistic and incredibly engaging. With my system (check it out), the Rotel is a great piece of gear, and I plan on keeping it for a long time to come. I was very happy with the Apollo, but, to my ears, the Rotel is the winner. Fabulous soundstage depth and width, full extension at both extremes, and an "analog warmth" that creates absolutely no sense of typical digital listening fatigue.
Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
I'll put in a vote for the Rega Apollo - I really like the sound of mine - I haven't ever heard a player I liked better.