Music Hall CD 25.2 Issues?


I have had a Music Hall CD 25.2 CD player since the summer of 2008. Unfortunately, it's now out of warranty! But it only just occurred to me that the behavior I'm about to describe, which has been there since I first got the unit, might actually be a defect.

When I first load a CD and close the tray, the player reads the track information normally. When I press Play on the remote, there will be a delay of several seconds, followed by a soft but audible "click" from the player, after which Track 1 will begin to play. Is this slight delay followed by the "click" normal behavior?

The other thing I have noticed is that at times, when I use the remote control to skip back a track or two to an earlier track on the CD, the track will begin to play just ever so slightly after its very beginning -- that is to say, it plays a split second or two INTO the track, rather than from the very beginning. This happens maybe half the time. Has anybody else observed this behavior with this player? Other than this, I've been very happy with it. It's well-built and sounds very nice.

Love to hear from anybody else who has this player about this "issue," if that's what it is. Thanks!
I have the cd-25 (not 25.2). I haven't noticed a click, but haven't listened for it. I think all Music Hall players suffer from the track starting a split-second late. It only happens under certain circumstances - I think forwarding to the track as opposed to skipping back, but I'm not sure.
It's "reassuring" to know that the weird "late starting track" thing may be a quirk of these players in general. Thanks.
When I owned one, I remember the click. Not the second part.

Still, a very nice unit for the money, especially used.

Interesting that you experienced the clicking, too, thanks.