Music Hall c-dac 15.3

Any opinions on the Music Hall c-dac 15.3 cd player?
I've got a lot of opinions on Music Hall service...or lack thereof. Made in China means that no one who built it can fix it. Nice stuff but consider it disposable.
Elevick, what the hell isn't made in China. I waiting for delivery of my new Jolida Fusion 801, and my 2 month wait is because it was built in China. Once in the states, Jolida will complete all testing before it get's to me.
I understand Ayon is built in China.
And what do you mean, nice stuff but consider it disposable? I'm sure your Emotiva is built in china. Is Emotiva disposable?
No opinions? Not even owners? So I would be the first to buy one of these?
Some companies such as Jolida have service centers in the US to handle issues. Making things in China isn't necessarily the problem. It's when a company has no support in the US at all. Music Hall has nothing. I got passed around to "friends" of Leyland's who all failed to fix the problems.
FYI Emotiva has a service center in TN. If a piece breaks, they don't have to ship it back to china.
Anyone use this CD player?


Or or I will buy the teac cd-h750n and denon dn-500c for the same price.  DAC I don't need, just good CD player.