music hall A25.2 intergrated......

How does this compare toArcam,rega, NAD,creek,etc? Build quality? Looking for a fast,clean, modern sounding amp...not laid does this rate?
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I own the music hall and I have heard the Arcam A65+, the Nad C352 (my previous amp) and the Rotel 1070 and found more natural the Music Hall. It does not add anything. You can feel a lacking of bass, but I am a musician and I understand that is because the music actually is like that. Many amplifier exaggerate the bass and it really impress but is not for real. I am a pianist and for me the piano sound more natural like it is. Definitively the mid range is much much better than in any other amplifier in that range of price. When you listen to female voices they are very very natural and the presence is impressive. However if you really like a more deep bass them I will recomind you a Nad or Rotel because they do have bass control and you can regulate it.
Hi. Considering getting one of these, and I was hoping to find more user experience here. Do very few people on here own them. If not, please speak up. Thanks,

Buying used is the way to go, excellent value.

I had the matching CDP and loved it.
I have the same CDP in its Onix CD-5 incarnation and I also like it. I guess there's not that many Music Hall A25.2 users interested in this thread. Oh, well ...
Given up on the Music Hall A25.2. Too dull looking, no reviews, no cheerleaders here. A sign?
I have the Music Hall 25.2 and love it. Sounds super natural. Nice top end and mids, I added a Velodyne sub for extended bass. i dont even think to use anything else....well..

I also have a Jolida 202 that is my main listening setup. {Cd's and L.P.'s} If I am listening just to listen then I use the Music Hall. If I want to sit and have a serious listen its the Jolida. {tubes}

I have my mac mini into the Music Hall for tons of iTunes listening. {250gb} Also TV watching and DVD's are all run through the Music Hall.

Never a problem and always a smile. It works great and lets the sound be the sound.

Its always on.

I would not hesitate to tell anyone to get this.

My Dad has a Rotel SS and a Bigger Jolida and a Musical Fidelity and he loves the sound out of the Music Hall.

You can check my system for everything I run into and out of it.

I had an additional question.

Can you hook up a turn table to the A25.2 as-is? I know it doesn't have an input labeled phono, but i'm confused since it is "integrated".

If I indeed do need a preamp (I see there's a preamp-out on it) would it be worth it to buy Music Hall's $150 entry level preamp to couple with it?
I purchased the A25.2 today (used for $200) but the guy allows returns, so i'm not sure what to do.