Music Hall 7 owners

Looking for a new cart sub 1000.00 range for all types of music (classical-punk). Suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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I do not own a MMF-7 but do own a Rega P7 and I can certainly recommend the Dynavector DV20XH. Very musical cartridge.
Here are the changes I made to my used MMF-7; Herbies TT mat, Project Speed Box MkII, better ICs, placed it on butcher block and a Benz Micro Glider H2. The Glider made the biggest improvement, but it has all come together to really get me enjoying vinyl. When I bought the MMF-7 a year ago I had my original LP collection of about 200 albums and liked vinyl, but still played more CDs. It wasn't until the Glider came along that I changed my listening habits completely. I'm now close to 1500 LPs, and counting. I listen to everything from classical, jazz, reggae, rock and heavy metal. Glider hasn't let me down.
I used a Sumiko Blackbird with mine. Sounded so good I had to upgrade. Beware.
Is there something wrong with the Eroica cartridge? What phono amp are you using? I agree with Ehaller. The original stock MMF-7 is very good. Improvement can be made with all the changes he mentioned. I have checked my speed with different devices and it is spot on, so I didn't get a Speed Box. Does it make sense to put a $1000 cartridge on a $1000 turntable/tonearm? I don't know because I haven't listened to one. The more pertinent question is, "what phono amp are you using?". Mine is a Graham Audio Era Gold V. It is difficult to know which to upgrade first, the phono amp if your cartridge is still good, or the cartridge using the same phono amp. Good luck and have fun!
Hi Jpainter236,
Just recieved Soundsmith SMMC2.Have only 5-10 hrs.Already like it better than Eroica IMO in my system.Have Shindo Aurieges preamp.Really enjoying return to vinyl.Good luck with your search.

Initially I changed out the Goldring stock cart to a Shelter 501 mk2 and now run a Lyra Argo i. This much improved the overall tracking and sound (I am now a big fan of Lyra carts). I also use a None-felt platter mat with Speed Mat with the Speed Mat under the None-felt (instead of on top as the manufacturer recommends). This has created a vinyl deck that is musically quite pleasing.
What phono stage are you using? Actually, this question is for everyone. I'm running a Pro-ject tube box SE II. I feel this would be the first place to upgrade. Then the cart.
I would like a MC cartridge. My phono pre is a Threshold Fet 10pc. I like the setup, but was just wondering what other folks have done w/their MMF7.

Thanks for the advise.
Also, have you owners been using a record clamp?

Thanks in advance, again.
I actually have the 7.1. All I've done so far is put a Herbies way excellent mat on and changed the IC's to Kimber Hero's. Oh, Music Hall sent me a replacement cart. The HO Eroica had a channel balance prob. They sent the LO as a replacement.

The clamp. Sometimes I use it, sometimes not.... just depends on how lazy I feel....
I have a heavily modded Rogue Audio Magnum 99 preamp with the built-in phono stage (modded as well). I'm running NOS tubes in there now too. Real happy with the sound of vinyl in my system. Warm and very involving. I use the included record clamp always. Tried it without for a while, prefer sound with. If I ever get enough cash my next TT will be a Basis, but for now I'm diggin' spinning plastic on the MMF-7.
No longer using the clamp
I am using a Benz Glider LO, paired with EAR 834P. I think it sounds great, a big improvement over the Eroica HO. Surface noise was reduced and the sound is more lively and better bass. I have since tried the Eroica on another arm/table and finally came to the conclusion that I just am not excited by that cartridge. I also use an anniversary ringmat, a speedbox MKII (highly recommended, if only for the convenience of switching speeds--it makes you more eager to purchase those 45 rpm audiophile recordings), and no record clamp.
I raised the whole turntable up on isolation cones:
and raised placed the motor on a cork coaster to compensate for the height, and the speedbox fits underneath the front of the table which is convenient.
The MMF-7 sounds great!

I leave the dustcover on (but raised while playing) because I could never detect a difference with it off. Perhaps this is because the table is installed on a recessed shelf and not prone to so much feedback from speakers.
a Audio-Technica AT33PTG LOMC cartridge for the past year and now have a Dynavector DV 20XL LOMC on my other mmf-7. (Economic stimulus check paid for this cartridge.) Both cartridges sound great with the mmf-7. I had to buy/modify heavier counterweights to accomodate the heavier cartridges. MusicDirect has the counterweight in stock.