Music Hall 25.2 or Jolida 102b?

So I was all set to purchase a new system -- Music Hall 25.2 amp and CDP and Monitor Audio RS 6s. I talk to my local audio dealer who starting praising to the rafters the Jolida 102b.

I need your help. My goal for this system is something that will last for a long-time (My wife has threatened me with heavy objects if I don't stop obsessing over all this once I make an actual purchase!)

So what do you all think? I don't think I can listen to the Music Hall locally, but from what I read it is a solid combo that will do what I want well (soundstage really good, and deliver on acoustic music).

So what do you all think?

Primaluna PL2 or PL1 used for around $900. I have the MHall CD25.2 great palyer for the price.

Do you want to go with tubes or not for your amplifier? The Prima Luna PL2 & Music Hall 25.2 CD player make for a ridiculously good system. So will the Music Hall combo. You would not go wrong with either. It's just that tubes sound different and I would argue sound better. My hunch is that your wife would prefer the Music Hall combo because it has a nice matched look to it, as well.

Regards, Rich
Thanks Grinnell and Rich,

I actually was not thinking of tubes at all until today. I had fully planned on the paired Music Halls (or possibly the Onkyo DX7555/A-9555 pair), but was intrigued from my conversation with a dealer today.

My only concern with the tubes was that it might not be the easiest for an entry-level system. And, I've that given the amount of money I was putting into my system, I wouldn't be able to get the most out of a tube amp.

For what its worth - the music we listen to is mostly jazz, acoustic world music, 60's soul (figured the tubes would be best for this), and some classical.

any other thoughts?
The Prima Lunas are fairly simple tube amps to own. They have an auto adaptive bias circuit, so you will never need to bias the tubes. You may get into tube rolling/ swapping a bit, but that is part of the sound fine tuning that makes tube equipment satisfying to own. Music that is vocal and acoustic in nature does very well with tubes.

Regards, Rich
I jumped into tubes after 16 years with a cheap Yamaha Rcvr. Got a wild hair and just did it, based partly on posts by Rich and others. Has it been smooth sailing yes had a small tube problem but minor (dont use JJ power tubes in the Primaluna).

But the sound is amazing. I listen to mainly to vinyl but also radio and cd's. A close friend is mad at me b/c she can't listen to her cd's because they dont sound very good on her SS cheapo after listening them on my system.

I just got a lp of Leo Kottke's 6 and 12 string guitar album on Takoma records ($3). Sounds like he is right in the room. The strings just vibrate.

Because of this new system we spend about 4 hours a day listening to music and relaxing.
Thanks - the prima luna's look beautiful -- but out of my price range right now