Music hall 2.2LE upgrades

I've got a Music hall 2.2LE with a dynavector 10x cartridge. I'm considering upgrading both the platter & mat. I was wondering whether the two upgrades I mentioned are worth the money?
If so, what would you suggest for the mat & platter?
I really enjoyed my time with a Music Hall 2.1 but didn't find upgrades to it to be worth the money. It's better to save and invest in a better turntable, like a used Rega P3, which is a significant step up for a reasonable amount of money.
When I had my MMF5, it was significantly improved by a Herbies mat. On my Linn, the Herbies made it sound worse to me, so it's not an across the board thing. Herbies gives you 30 days money back, so it's a minimal risk. Maybe a few dollars shipping.