Music from House, MD

Anyone recognize the extended electric guitar piece that ended Monday's episode?
i havent gone to look for this episode but the show's web site usually has a play list ( under "features" i think) for each episode-- ive used it before when i heard something that i couldn't id -- maybe that will help
It's "Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic.
A touching ballad if ever there was one :^).
Thanks MoFiMadness!

That solo cooked!

I was as impressed by that as I was when Prince played the solo on the Music Hall Of Fame Induction Show with Tom Petty, George Harrision's son and the rest. I didn't realize just how good Prince was playing lead guitar.
band funkadelic..guitarist..eddie hazel
To All,

Thanks for the quick responses.
It's strange...I've heard that song a hundred times (IMHO, it makes a legit claim for Eddie Hazel's inclusion on the short list of great players) and it still didn't register. Funny how context affects perception, isn't it?


that dude is a god

Great tune!! I was listening to it over the computer speakers, and my 22 year old son in the other room asked what it was. He loved it too, and downloaded it. Thanks.

One of the best solos of all time.
seeing funk at the new music seminar years ago was one of my hightimes. seeing eddie play that track live was killer.too bad hes dead. that nite he was a king.