Music from ferris Beullers Day Off

I am looking for the name of a piece of music that is in this movie. It is classical and is playing when they are holding hands with the kids in the museum. Thanks!!
This link should be able to help you.
I just checked that site again, and it looks like it was shut down the day after I posted my response. I scanned the list of music from the movie they had there. Didnt' see anything that looked classica. If you can tell me how many hrs/mins into the movie it is (I have the VHS version of the movie) I'll check it out and see if I recognize it.
I would be interested in as well. I was just a youngster at the time of the movies' debut, but even then it was moving. After I find the music maybe I'll go for the car next 8)
The site is working fine for me. In case it goes down again, here it is: Track 8- The Art Museum - "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" 12"single Blanco y Negro NEG 20T, 1985UK by The Dream Academy. I remember some of their stuff being slow tempo with kind of a classical sound. The song they're best known for is "Life In a Northern Town".