music from a thumb drive

I have a rogue audio sphinx v2.  I mostly listen to vinyl but occasionally stream via an audioengine by streamer link. I am drifting further away from digital. I was recently given a usb thumb drive with a ridiculous amount of music on it. Live boards of the Allman Bros, Grateful Dead, BB King, ect. I dont plan on expanding my digital collection and do not want to spend $1000-$5000(or more) on a music server that I just will not use. Are there any alternatives for playing that music through my sphinx? Preferably ones that cost under $1000. Thank you in advance. I did wonder if I could use a bluray player?
I did wonder if I could use a bluray player?
Yes, as long as the bluray player comes with usb ports and analog stereo RCA line out.

If your system has a CD player you could always burn them to CD and play. Not as normal files dragged on and burned, but using an app like Nero or similar to burn it as a regular music CD playable anywhere.
I know this is shocking but I don't use a PC. I have a few old laptops at least 6 years old. I have and iPad, iPad touch, and a phone that I use when I stream. I am archaic when it comes to computer music. I just am school. If not for  the bevy of live recordings not available on vinyl I wouldn't care. Does anyone have any opinions on network/music servers with usb that are affordable?
Bluesound Node2 should play your thumb drive.  So should your 6 year old laptop
in your OP, your “ digital“ player is Audioengine.  That means you are probably using Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is lossy, hardly the best in digital replay.  I have noticed a trend here where posters complain about “digital” and they are referring to Bluetooth.  That would be like me complaining about analog but instead of using a Mike Fremer system I am using my parents $29 turntable/receiver/speaker system they bought at KMart in 1969
Mahler123. I had a feeling the audioengine was not optimal. I was looking at the Bluesoud Node 2. Can that be hooked up to a small monitor/TV to have a menu screen? 
You just need your tablet for the Node, or is both the display and touch great, easy to set up and use