Music for the media server

I have had my system for about a year. System includes a Sim Audio 700, Stream Magic 6, M1i monitors, REL 528, Romulus (tube)CD player/DAC.
I am now considering a media server.
My questions:
1) I hear a lot of great music (live versions) on the internet but cannot seem to find theses recording in a CD format. Where can I get these to download?
2) Based on the equipment above is there a media server that you might recommend? I have limited number of CD's.
Looking to play "good" to "high" quality music. I will begin to build my music collection on this server.
Thank you
There is a lot of music not available as downloads. Just get a CD and rip it.

What server do you need for your CA ? Stream Magic 6 is a streamer, what you need is just a NAS, like Synology or Qnap.