Music for the gym

What kind of music do you listen to at the gym? I find that my routine gym playlist has artists like Nickelback and Vertical Horizon, along with selections from the Top Gun and Karate Kid album. And as much as it pains me to admit it, Eminem's Lose Yourself really helps to pump me up.

Any other suggestions for music to get you motivated?

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.. you should look into some Ministry and Nine Inch Nails like Turner suggested as well... I find that the heavy droning, punctuated by metal ripping guitar riffs and double bass drums help with the

I know what you mean about "guilty" pleasures... whatever gets you going. The only thing I find with pop music is that it gets a bit too refined (over produced) and thus tedious to listen to for good workouts..

Don't know how you get your "software", and of course one should always support artists by buying their stuff... eventually.., but I go to Mininova to search for stuff to try out and use Azureus to acquire it because you can select specific songs...then I look for it on Vinyl if I really like it...

I'll look into Dvork.. sounds interesting. Is that like the heavy metal equivalent of

You've probably heard of them... but in case you haven't, you might like Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures". Probably sound awesome on your system...(New Order after the lead singer's suicide)... kind of a haunting, bass/snare drum heavy, dripping with emotion sound.

There's a movie that just came out about the lead singer called "Control"..probably be a really good movie to watch on your HT setup.. everyone from U2 to Nirvana to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Killers cites them as a major influence.

.. speaking of which.. I've been really digging the new Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff... "Californication" and "Stadium Arcadium"...kind of like a road trip in California, driving down Route 66, around dusk in a convertible mid August kind of vibe..

For new music, especially cool electronic stuff, you might want to (if you haven't already) check out Tone Audio. The Club Mix section... I know nothing of this genre without this column.. it's a free online audio mag.. but it's real value is in their music section. The second in command at Rolling Stone is their music editor.. and it's Free.

..sorry for the novel...
I don't have a specific playlist for the gym.Whatever I like listening at home,I burn it on cd-r ,usually a compilation of favorites and take it at the gym.I only spend about 1.5 to 2 hours anyway so I just repeat the same disk.After about two weeks I will swich to another disk of different music.Lately I am listening to 60's garage bands rock,English and some favorite Greek of that era.
I am more into heavy weights and not much cardio(where music is more at need,I think) although I usually finish my workout with a 20 minute treadmill fast walk.
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If you are using an iPod (who isn't these days it seems) there is a free subscription called pod runner. Most tracks are about 1 hour mixes of techno dance style. Each is mixed at a specific BPM. Highly compressed (so don't expect much in the way of fidelity here--but at the gym I don't really care). It's great for aerobic work outs.
Carcass 'symphonies of sickness'
Morbid angel 'blessed are the sick'
Pungent Stench 'club mondo bizarrw'
suffocation 'pierce from within'
napalm death 'scum'
terrorizer 'world downfall'
deicide 'legion'

this is some serious pound shedder music dude. not for the faint of heart.... :)