Music for Riding a Storm Out?

bout to sit down to 48rs in the house, located in west houston.

unfortunately i keep thinking of REO Speedwagon "Ridinng the Storm Out", but God they suck.

Maybe some Doors, good mood music. Once it passes, I'll probaby put on some mid 60 beatles. Anything I should consider?

(got ray charles on for now, probably go to something else now that a purty day is starting to get ugly)

I lost $45,000 in gear to Katrina---ever see a pair of JM Lab Alto Utopias with toxic water above the Beryllium tweeter? MC 501s with 5 ft. of water covering them?

Glad to hear you had no damage. I had about $30,000 in damage from Hurricane Gustav a few weeks ago. i guess there goes the new MC 2301s I've been eyeing. Allstate only covers so much.


You've had more than your share of misfortune. My heart goes out to you. Those are terrible losses, both financially and emotionally.
I would listen to Dear Prudence from the White Album. If that was the last song that I ever heard then I would die happy. If I got scared then I would listen to Silent Night.
Cajunpepe if you are ever passing through the New Orleans area get in touch and give a listen to what replaced my Katrina lossed system.

We are riding out the storms with some great classic rock and roll.

Well, I, too live west of Houston in Katy. I did receive some damage (all electronics are OK) but nothing that I can't deal with. I did not board up - I could feel the storm wanting to suck out my windows. I lost power 9:30 Friday night and was not able to follow the storm. At that time it had not made its northerly turn and we were expecting the worse. I kept in touch with friends in Dallas hourly on the track of the storm. This storm could not have taken a worse to harm Houston - right up the ship channel. A Cat 2 (high)/3 (low) with a Cat 4 surge. I was without power for only 21 hrs.

Rhyno - would just love to audition you sytem sometime. A fellow co-worker of mine just sold one of Bob Crump's designed preamps. A very nice piece of equipment but out of my range of affordability. Glad you are OK.