music for a broken heart

looks like my girlfriend and i are not going to make it. not because we don't love each other - we do - we simply live too far away from each other and for a couple of very good reasons neither one of us can move. that's enough on that painful topic but i would love to hear people's suggestions regarding music to get me through this very, very difficult time.


Well Gregg,
maybe you should listen to something more upbeat but......Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan is an obvious one.
As is In The Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra.
A more obscure artist but really one of the best at writing broken hearted and downbeat songs,with no small amount of humour,truth and insight is Mark Eitzel.
Check out his Songs Of Love Live or his albums with American Music Club-California and Everclear being his most commercial and arguably best.
Voted songwriter of the year by Rolling Stone in '91,the best of his work is really worth checking out.
He's a lost American songwriting genius.
Good luck
Sorry to hear that. Having been in a similar situation before, all i can tell you is:


Best wishes and Good Luck... Sean
No Country music??? Gads,that's what country music is for. One of the few original American genres of music;and made for just the occasion. /Like an Italian menu with no pasta /. Ray Price: "For The Good Times"
If you want to explore the depths of lost love, try Mickey Newberry Frisco Mabel Joy. I know he is classified as a country musician, but the song writing is absolute poetry. Not upbeat, but helped me get through the worst loss.

A completely different, much more uplifting record is Graham Nash Songs for Beginners. Again, this one worked for me and I still listen to it regularly.

Finally, try some early Tom Waits (first 2 records) or Lenord Cohen. Poetry of loss often is the poetry of real gain.

Keep an open heart... Edward
I think Chris Speed's album "emit" works wonders when your feeling down. It is sort of somber and playful with notes that are filled with emotion always with a feeling that there is a glimmer of hope. I thought it helped me to feel a little better after my Mom died. Take care.
What I would do is look for music that is up-beat! No matter where you turn - car radio, music on tv shows/movies, playing over the loudspeakers at the local dept. store, etc. will all pull at your heart strings so don't go looking for music to add to the pain. Sounds harsh but it will work. Swing/Big Band music, yea thats the ticket...
A few classics come to mind when I think of good reasons a youg lady can't move to be with her chump:)
Wanderer Fantasy, Nutcracker, Erection Symphony (Mahler),
Conning Little Vixen (Janacek), Infidelio (Beethoven), Soundtrack from The Two Faces of Eve and Soundtrack from "The Carpetbaggers" (Elmer Bernstein).
Just about anything by Meatloaf.
Jennifer Warnes sings the songs of Leonard Cohen on her cd "Famous Blue Raincoat." A good number of the songs on the cd should do the trick. As for something classical, Samuel Barber's: Adagio for Strings and Gustav Mahler's: Adagietto will certainly put you into a deep depression.
Unless there is some legal reason that neither of you can move (probation, house arrest, etc) there is no excuse that ONE of you could not make a choice to join the other. I guess the only thing I could think of that would be a "good" reason is if you both have kids with other people and cannot move due to custody reasons. If it is because of a stupid job (or "career") that is a lame reason to stay apart (or even school). Otherwise I am sorry to say that it is not really love if you let anything keep you apart.
You deserve a good old fashion dose of Elton John, I guess that's why they call it the blues:~). I second the NO COUNTRY! That could make you suicidal
Greg, You're missng the obvious, The Baby's "Broken Heart" or anything by John Waite/Baby's. I also agree with Sean , No Country Music. Best, Charlie
country music would make anyone suicidel; if they had to hear it more than 30 seconds. how about peter gabriel dont give up. then go find two women tonight. tell her to move to you damnet. if you both no it is right, make it work.
Try Emmylou Harris' "Red Dirt Girl". She says nothing makes her feel better than a really sad song. Also,Tom Waits' "Mule Variations" will serve well to take your mind of just about anything. Good luck.
Nashville Skyline... a good friend of mine banned it from being played in his presence for around six months after he broke up with a long time s/o.

I've spent more than one evening listening to that and Yo La Tengo's And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out with a generous pour of Bookers.
My first suggestion is to examine at what price do you end a relationship that the leading problem is physical distance from each other. If it does not work out I suggest any of the first four Joe Jackson albums. It sounds like this guy never had a positive relationship in his life. The music is very good. Also listen to the first two Pretenders albums. These were what I listened to after my first heartbreaking relationship. It was a while ago.

Do not listen to country or any sappy "love hurts"music. If you really want to feel bad there is a song called "Total eclipse of the heart". I do not remember the artist but it was very popular around the time of my first heartbreaking relationship and I kept hearing it over and over. I hate that tune.

Feel Better. Remember, this is a great time to upgrade your system. Actually, I am not sure if I remember a time that was not a great time to upgrade my system.

Gregg,my recommendation would depend on what you want to achieve.If you just wish to live it through I would suggest 'Cielo e Terra' by Al Di Meola and 'Siroco' by Paco De Lucia.If however you prefer to heighten your instincts to such a degree that nothing would stop you from joining your woman,Miles Davis'Bitches Brew',Mahavishnu Orchestra'Inner Mounting Flame' and 'Castillo de Arena with Paco de Lucia' by Camaron de la Isla could help.
Drew, I think it was air supply that did Total eclipse of the heart. After reading this thread I'm starting to lean towards Don't give up, Peter Gabriel. Or how about We can work it out, The beatles. YEA that's the ticket! Turn your love around, George Benson. Lady, Styx. Let's think positive and give it some more time.

When like is unkind
The song bird no song
You ride on the tide
Of what comes along
But soon very soon
The sun will appear
You open your eyes
I'll be there
I'll be there.

Think Positive and let us know what happens:~)
thanks everyone. i really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.