Music first or sound first?

I just thought it might be interesting to take a poll of those that put sound first and those that claim they put music first in listening to their rigs.


I'm a musician and songwriter, so music without question.

That said, I'm heavily involved in domestic and pro audio.

However, I can listen to music without a hi-fi system but I can't listen to my hi-fi system without music.

So, QED, music is most important to me.

It's the music first and we buy systems which hopefully will give us more from the moving piece of music we are hearing. Is there more enjoyment to be had from this wonderful musical piece or not. I have to know.

Music is first for me.  Roon might not have the best sound quality,  but I use it because it is the best tool for discovering new music.  Gear and sound quality is important, but it is secondary.

Sound or music first?

I no longer separate them, they have become both equally important. If one or the other is missing in quality, I just don't enjoy it anymore. No way I listen to bad music with good sound and no way I listen to good music with bad sound. It didn't use to matter, but I guess with age, I've become much more selective  to save the few years left I have of decent hearing.