Music File Storage Preference

I'm trying to sort out the last details before setting up a music server. I need to supply several rooms with sound so the Sonos made the most sense for me. I have about 1500 CD's ripped to FLAC files and plan to move them to NAS Drives on my wireless router. Using a Sonos Bridge to send out the signals.

Any thoughts on how the files should be stored on the drives? Right now each CD is in a separate folder with an "Artist - Album Name" label. Does that work best or should I do an Artist folder and then a sub-folder for each Album title? Should multiple disc albums be in one folder or each CD in a separate folder? I really only want to do this once!

I'm trying to get the best combination for the Sonos software, but I'll also keep a separate index in MediaMonkey on my PC.

Thanks for your input!
Paul :)
I'm in the middle of that right now. Separate folder for each artist with subfolders for each album (at least for now). I may decide to combine the multidisc albums into a common folder, but that's easy to do later (I don't have that many multidisc sets).
i have my music files stored on a 1TB hard drive in a folder named "ALBUMS". They are arranged by "artist - album name". i only have about 500 albums though, but i like it this way. for multi-disc sets, i just save them as (Disc 1) and (Disc 2). e.g. "The Beatles - White Album (Disc 1)".

each folder has it's own album cover saved as "folder.jpg" and i have my view set to "thumbnail" so when i open the music folder each folder displays the album cover.
You might also call Sonos support at 800-680-2345 and ask for their recommendations....
Sonos customer support is excellent and I'm sure they would be glad to help.
Thanks for the comments. I'm going to create a folder for each artist and then a sub-folder for each album with the tracks inside. Seems to be the easiest to deal with. I also took Larryski2's advice and called Sonos support... nice people. They felt either approach would work with their software.

The other thought is to not use too many sub-folders. The deeper you go, the longer the path name becomes and it's easy to hit the limit, somewhere around 260 characters.