Music Fidelity vs. Audio Analogue

Pardon me, but. . ..

I need a smallish integrated amp to run a pair of sealed bookshelf speakers (86db/8 ohms), so I'm considering the Audio Analogue Primo and the Musical Fidelity X-150.
I've read good reviews for both of these.

But I've also heard & read mixed comments on the reliability of the products from both of these companies.

Which do you think is a better bet?

I'm pretty much listening to folk/roots music but with some big band & bebop as well. I don't like stereo sound to get to bright, but not to "relaxed" either. I prefer clarity and presence in the sound.

Thanks for whatever advice you can spare!
I own the AA Primo.Use it as a second amp to provide sound for my Plasma TV.Use with Revel M 20 speakers(87dB)Primary music amp is a Pathos Logos (different class!)
AA Primo for the money,excellent !!Have my MLevinson 37/36s CD player connected to the Logos via balanced and to the Primo via single ended outputs,listen to music sometimes on the Primo-very nice!
Primo drives the Revels very well ,even at loud volumes .The Revels are known to sound at its best with huge power amps, but the Primo copes very well with the load(Perhaps the "Power Packs" borrowed from Jeff Rowland ?)
The finish on the amp is top notch.Binding posts could have been better.
I can say -buy with confidence !Even better have a look at the new AA Puccini Settanta(Sewenty) or the new Pathos Classic One(also 70w)
Reliability issues apparantly something of the past with AA.
Cannot comment on the MF amp as I dont know it.
A lot also depends on the dealer and the importer when making your decision.
Good luck and enjoy !
Dr Chris van Niekerk
Sasolburg, South Africa
You should also include the Sugden Bijou into your shortlist.
I've been doing the same and have heard the Sugden Bijou and Spendor 3/5 combo which could be what you're looking for.