Music Fidelity V DAC vs Cambridge Audio Dacmagic

Don't get out much. Which do you think is better? Would either one help an old CAL DX 1 ? Thanks!
Zero experience with the popular Dacmagic, but if you decide on the V-DAC shoot me a message.
I've owned the Dacmagic and I own the MF v-link192 USB/SPDIF converter.

Given how the 192 transformed my Bifrost from very good to outstanding, my money would be on the V DAC.

MF seems to know what they are doing when it comes to most things related to digital music.

The Dacmagic I had (the first version) was just OK and it took a lot of tweaking to get it to sound anywhere near good.

Finally got rid of it and got the Bifrost and never looked back :-)

The latest Bifrost 4490 is amazing value, but the Schiit USB implementation is not as good as the v-link192.

Hope that helps
I sent for the V-DAC today. I will share my thoughts later, Thanks!