Music Fidelity Trivista 21/Electrocompaniet ECD-1

I posted this on AudioAsylum a few days ago but have not gotten and replies:

My local dealer sells Music Fidelity and recommends the Tri vista 21 DAC.

The Electrocompanient ECD-1 is meant to be an excellent DAC and I really like the fact that the ECD-1 has multiple digital inputs. Unfortunately, I can not find a Canadian dealer.

Could you please comment on how these DACs compare? I do not think I will get an oportunity to hear the ECD-1 if I buy one.

Currently, I use my Philips SACD 1000 for Redbook.

I would like to use this DAC with my Marantz DV6200 and my HTPC using APE files with my M-Audio Audiophile 2496. I have a MSB Link DAC on my HTPC today, but I do not think the MSB Link is much better than the DACs on the 2496 or my Marantz SR-18EX.
I have had the Tri-Vista for about 3 weeks now. I am on my fifth transport.

Sony 999ES
Denon DVD 2800 II
Denon CDR-W1500
all decent players in there own right. But as transports with the Tri-Vista :((((

MF 308 CDP
nice player good as a transport with the Tri-Vista.

Just received my Theta Digital Data Basic II last night.
Life and a little slice of heaven.

The transport makes a hige difference with the Tri-Vista.

Remember to take the system as a whole.
I bought a ECD-1 last weekend here on the Gon. I hooked it up to my original Planet. It sounded exactly like my 963SA for the first few hours of switching back an forth. I left both on repeat and WOW what a difference a day makes. I have never had so much bass detail from my flubby DQ-10's! The mids and highs are beautiful and everything sounds about 30% more real than the 963SA.
With that said, I heard the Trivista 21 and all the Musical Fidelity CD Players the weekend before. (3 , 3.2 , ?01) They all have a fake, airy sound and are thin in spots. I would definitely get the ECD-1 if you want realism.
I recently purchased a Trivista 21 and use it with a Meridian 200 transport. It is very good , makes CDs closer to LPs. I had been using a Audio Synthesis Dax , which is also very good. I must disagree with the perception of it as thin, on my system ( Spendor SP 1s, Meridian 605 amps, Hsu subs, Audio Synthesis passive or Magic active pre amp, Meridian transport) it is quite rich but with an exceptional soundstage and resolving power. The old saw about hearing things you didn't know were there applys. It's possible that the ones heard had not been broken in. I have had mine for 3 weeks and the sound is still improving. Stan
After auditioning a well broken in Trivista 21 in my system for 3 days, I will whole heartily agree with "Stanwal's" assessent. A very, very good dac with exceptional soundstaging (width, depth and image placement). As with the dcs Elgar/Purcell equipment, notes and sounds evolve and fully develop in free space while being near perfectly placed on the stage.

From what other's have said, there is no doubt that the EMC is also excellent but, it is hard for me to believe that it could be any better overall than the Trivista. But, I have not heard one so I will reserve judgement.