Music Fidelity/Nu Vista 3D or Resolution /Opus 21

Narrowed down my choices to these two...anyone demo these CDP's
All comments welcome.Need your help
i like the res opus. You never know when you will want to run direct. It gives you that option.
I love the Opus 21 too. I just installed a new interconnect using the DIN out on the Opus 21 and the improvement was clear. With the Opus 21 you can run direct to your amp with the built-in volume controls or bypass the volume control and run it into a preamp, although using the volume control and running into a preamp certainly was not bad either! Very nice conponent! Organic, dynamic, fun to listen too, smooth too. Bettered my EMC-1.
I have to agree StreetD and Budrew. The Opus is a fantantic sounding player. I've also owned the Ayre CX-7 and the Cary 306/200. IMO the Opus is better. Also, I run the player straight to amps, which I know you cannot do with the MF. And, the Opus will act as a DAC for other components. Not sure the MF has that ability. I have not heard the Nuvista though, so I'll quit raving about the Opus for your sake since you're more interested in a comparison.

By the way, Budrew, what cable did you use to replace the factory supplied DIN cable?

Audience made me a Conductor DIN-RCA cable. The Conductor is their budget cable; it was the only cable they could incorporate into a DIN connector. I'm a big fan of the Audience Au24 cables, their top of the line model. So far, based on my memory (relaibility questioned), the DIN-RCA connection is better than the RCA or XLR outs on the Opus 21. More resolution, closer to the music. If i get motivated I may look for other DIN-RCA cables to try. The Audience Conductor cable runs about $200. I'm curious now and may compare the Opus 21 with the DIN-RCA cable to my Audio Note DAC.

Anyway, the Opus 21 is a great CD player. Never heard the MF, but I've never heard a bad word about the RA.