Music FIdelity A3.2 quick question??

I am looking at getting a Music Fidelity. Somebody locally has one but from everything I can see there is only a model A3.2CR? Was there a regular A3.2?

Any help would be great.
The CR stood for choke regulated. The lineage was A300 to A3 to A3.2.


There is only one model. The cr stands for choke regulated, which the A3, A3.2 and A308 all were. Some use the designation in there adds, some don't. I have had all 3 in the power amp versons and both the A3 and A3.2 preamps. I have never had one of the integrated amps which also followed the same model numbers. In my opinion, these pieces are great bargains on the used market. I enjoyed them very much.

I hope this helps.

What are you buying, an integrated or a preamp/power amp?

If you need a CD player or a DAC, I highly recommend the CD PRE 24 if you need a CD player or DAC too.
The CR designation was for seperate Amp/Pre-amps only. Integrateds don't have the CR which means "choke regulation"