Music everywhere, too much?

Just wondering if anyone ever gets annoyed because it seems you just can't get away from music anymore (mostly bad). Department stores, phone, elevator, work, commercials, restaurants, taverns. I know I read about this somewhere, but I said, "yeah, silence is nice sometimes."

I really don't listen to music in the car anymore. I'd rather get my music fix at home or live. I also try not to listen to the same recording too often.

Waddaya think?
You are damn right!
Yeah, balance is good...and often, silence (peace) is better. Still, when you do listen, or want to listen, quality is the best indeed.
I've found over the years that music would NEVER SEEM TO STOP playing in my head when I worked in the audio business daily! I found peace and quiet a good recipie for clearing out my mind.
It got so bad that I realized I couldn't make the songs stop laying in my head! So, I took a break compeletely for a while, and noticed a big difference in how I felt and operated.
I know far too many people who not only have music going when they are awake all day, but when they sleep! This is not good!...but that's my opinion anyway.
Now day's, I find I sometimes listen in my car (I like to drive too fast it seems, and play rock there mostly). But at music hardly. I do mostly movies at home, when enjoying with my gal/friends. I like it more that way these days. Needless to say, I "turn it off" more than on now. But I do enjoy it when I "do turn it up"! Balance....quiet...noise....quiet...noise...but mostly quiet
Actually, I'm completely opposite. I want music everywhere. I can't get enough of it. The TV can be a little much at times, but honestly, my TV isn't on that much.
Most of the ambiant noise that you're reffering to as music I don't consider to be music. Music I don't mind.
But I guess if beauty is in the eye of the beholder - than music is in the ear.
I often find the incessant music soundtracks in film to be really irratating. Where's the silence? Silence can be as emotive or even more emotive than many of these lame soundtracks.
No music in the great outdoors. Best way to escape it all.
It's a bit like having food everywhere, except with food you can choose not to eat it. I find it awful that they play this crap through your phone while you are waiting on hold. Yes, too much "music" pollution all around.
The worst tends to be what's on the phone while you wait. But generally, I don't notice that music is all around -- it's not at my office, I listen to NPR during the commute, many of the stores I frequent don't play music. All in all, I'm not overexposed so it doesn't bother me. Noise on the other hand is all around. It would be great to reduce both noise and light pollution overall -- per Themadmilkman, the great outdoors is the place to go (except for the dirt bikes, snowmobiles and jeeps!).
To me it's a question of quality and good sense. A lot of
the music around is really just noise. No lasting value
It just gets tuned out.
yes,i feel the same way,everywhere you go top 40 music is being piped in,i commute about 3 hrs a day & thats my quite time.
Worst example is gas stations (can't call 'em service stations anymore!) that have little LCD screens on the pumps that spew out ads and music video clips! Make me want to finish fueling up by spurting gas on the pump, and throwing a match!