Music Direct's In the Groove record cleaner

Saw their add for it in a recent email. Anyone try it? If so how does it work for you? That is in regards to liquids, deep cleaners, enzyme washes etc.
Thanks, just curious.
Its new to me.Link.[]
I received mine today and have tried it on two old LPs. It's a bit of work to roll it since it's very tacky. LPs certainly look clean afterwards. I just don't know if it leaves residue yet. I wanted to use it not much for cleaning but to remove dust just before playing, but it might be too much work for that (compared to the swifter I usually use).

I'll report back soon.
Thanks Madfloyd, I look forward to your future report
Any updates on the In the Groove record cleaner? I was looking for additional inexpensive cleaning products to the RCA cleaning bursh I have now.

Thanks in advance