Music Direct Clearance: Focal, Epos

Looking to pull the trigger one 807v or Epic 2 monitors.Anybody familiar with these lines? From reviews it appears the Focal is ruthlessly revealing which might not be a good fit. Epos has a strong heritage and loyal.following. How is MD for returning items?
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I bought the Epic 2's a few months ago for a second/surround system. Very happy with them, especially at that price. They just sound good,nothing accented and nothing really MIA.. Nice looking and built well. Never had to return anything to MD, so I can't help you there.
With respect to MD's return policy, search here for a thread on "This might just be the end of brick and mortar". Lots of discussion on their return policy.
I've auditioned and retured 5 or 6 products over past few years + kept some..
However I was informed(last attempt to buy Avid isolation platform)MD will no longer sell anything to me.
So make of it what you will
Apparently I've "abused" the audition but return if not thrilled policy.
Stay away from the 'V' series, tempting closeout prices but Focal upgraded the various V series for a reason.

*ie...the 726 V series was inferior to the new 726 Chorus.
you could buy 807W's used for the same $800

I looked and couldn't find any right now but I bet they will come up soon
I had a set of 807's a while ago and sold them almost immediately as they were much too dry for my taste. But I also like my music warm and forward, a la my de Capo's or my Maggies, so the Focals didn't cut it.

But they're still a good speaker. I found my 807's here on audiogon for about $700.
Focal is better better definition ,stage ,better made with better drivers.