Music Direct and my recent exoeriences

I have a lot of respect for Audio Advisor with Thousands in purchases all have been perfect, professional and resulted with a very happy Audiophile.

My first component was a Marantz CD63SE when I was a college Sophmore and it changed my world and perspective on this brilliant hobby. The only problem is people during the procurement process. Promises not kept. Documentation and Boxes advertised but not provided et AL.

So I tried several times to procure a new Amplifier Amongst many greats including Meridian, Conrad Johnson and McIntosh.

So after a lot of disappointment and flat out liars or pathetic fast talking sales people I decided on Music Direct. We had issues with Cary supposedly drop shipping in a week only for a month to go by and NOTHING...waiting on capacitors was the answer. ROCKO and DAN did a solid to work with me after myn5 week wait. For an upcharge they got me the Levinson 532H in record time and I am still in love...attached to my McIntosh D150, Esoteric SACD, McIntosh MCD301 I wanted the Jolida fusion F 360 but it turned out to be the cheapest most poorly made component I have ever purchased. Day one the Haptic Touch On-Off-Standby button should be an analogies physical button. Instead I get a POS virtual button that loops amongst Standby-Off and then On but only for milliseconds. Poor electronics and poor design. GOING WITH A Bel Conto Pre5 or a Benchmark LA4 or maybe a Rotel Michi and hoping Rocco and Dan will continue their great service, take my feedback as a EE and Computer Data Scientist and get rid of that poorly executed JoLida ICE product line..sounds good but onlynfor a few days...hats off to Music Direct they literally did everything to make me satisfied but now I have to return the Jolida and hopefully they will continue to work with me. Much respect gentlemen and they are a class act if your looking for great gear, yet, I am still saddened about all the 10 plus audiophile stores I could visit on Woodward in Detroit just 15 years ago. Music Direct is the next best virtual thing to that tangible experience. Keep up the great work.
 Punctuation and paragraphs can be your friend. So can coherent thoughts before typing....
I, too, love Music Direct.  They will just make it right.  They are not really negotiable on price.  Or, are they and I don't know it?!
If you want mid-fi, go with Audio Advisor. After all, their $400 Pangea power cord is always on sale for $169, lol😂. If you want better equipment, Music Direct is your friend. 
I too miss the glory days of audio stores on N Woodward. Cruising with our cars and cruising multiple audio stores on the same famous strip.
I’ve gotten excellent service from every U.S. based audio website I’ve dealt with -- Upscale Audio, Music Direct and Audio Advisor. The way I see it, High End Audio is a small enough...and picky enough world to make them all want to go the extra mile.
For those of you that have little else to do in life then make sure your posts are sparky, yet, perfectly acceptable to Harvard standards then you should go there as I did and adhere to Strunk and Whites Elements of style.  I had 5 minutes and wrote it on the toilet well because I own a Software Company and type with my huge hands on a small mobile keyboard so voice your complaints to your blow up doll. Be positive or be that Boomer audiophile with the bald and long thinning Grey hair in a man bun to prove your know who you are....lighten up be kind and thoughtful as the woke would say...
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No Dillbert with way too many's Artificial Intelligence driven outcome based analytics for the VA and other TeleHealth applications where those that are handicapped or gave great sacrifice to our Country can interface with the best Doctors in the World to eliminate long and costly commutes using IoT.  Put on your dunce cap and sit in the corner now.
Being positive and supporting others in a positive way is becoming dangerous territory apparently.  I have thick skin and will more then embarass those grumpy unhappy people in life that stare at their turntables in their 1200 square foot apartment wishing they were innovating instead of talking about it.  Cheers keep the comments coming!!
Crimson goes Blue….sending them a buck in your name right now. I only know cause I was ( just ) smart enough to marry a Radcliffe girl.

In all seriousness, thanks for helping our veterans. Her Dad, a decorated Vietnam vet had pretty good care …he was lucky and dogged..not all are or can be… 
" Cheers keep the comments coming!!"
- No thanks, not worth my time. Congrats on the 3 sentences though ...
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Thanks Tomic601 and streamerdude! Being an Audiophile at 16 with all the shop owners willing to teach me without wanting anything in return is what our hobby is all about. The took the time to Mentor and without them on Woodward I’m not sure I would have gotten into DSP and Mobile ASIC Design. Now if we can just mentor others instead of tearing people down. Btw... I just purchased a new Benchmark LA 4 and returned my POS Jolida Blackice Pre...ughh broke in two days. Thoughts or questions?
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"Dekay your classic..your the receding hairline Grey bun dude but even more are a DIY guy..sniffing Elmer's Glue always makes things sound better try it with your 20 year old woofers because your imaginative and your parents house is still awash in your participation trophies."

I take that (your response) as a - YES.

By the way my main single drivers are from the late 50's and the mid 60's (Stephens Trusonic 80FR and Elac S517).

No woofers except for the mini-system listened to while cooking (Polk Rt15i's in that).

@dabel Thank you for the potential intro...very constructive..Jolida Gear is great but this was definitely rushed out and I wanted to like it but when it fails to turn on that's a challenge.

Btw..appreciate your support but I am a different breed then many on this site...people measure..they prognosticate..we all have preferences but when you design the interfaces and APIs all of you use on Apple and or Android your in my world that designed  these drivers and CODECS.
I’ve had great experiences with Music Direct. I’ve purchased from them as well as just calling to get some audio advice. Big kudos to the team at MD! I’ll definitely go back for future purchases.
Two bad experiences with Audio Advisor, inexcusable ones. Not any issues with music direct. 
We're supposed to be impressed because OP owns a software company, and then asks us to be kind after he makes a couple of nasty remarks?
It's pretty simple. Your thread was rambling and a bore, and if you don't like to be criticized, take a little more time when you write.
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I swear people on these forums are more dramatic than a bunch of school girls. 

Surely some of you have a more appropriate demographic to impress than a bunch of old guys talking about stereos. 

I’m not educated, rich, or handsome by the way. Just a cranky old fart hoping to read about stereos without all the drama. Please tone it down before I tell your wives on you.
Worst, so you are a newbie trying to make a name for yourself.  This ain't sports, nor is it politics.  This site is about audio, not nasty responses.  You have been here since July, welcome to the club.  As a Viet Nam vet, never used the VA, they have too few resources.  Typing in the toilet stall will not, repeat, not help your constipation.  Next time try an adult beverage or two first, or better yet smoke a bowl of legal pot.  I came to this site seeking knowledge, not nasty invective.
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Well at least we are in good hands now. Everything is zipping right along. Whew.
scott22:  Things are much worse now than when Trump was president, any fool can see that for the truth it is.  IMHO he is somewhat of an a**hole, but he got results.  By the way, your first sentence is incomplete.
anotherbob: Things are worse now because you can't clean up a train wreck overnight. Any fool can see that. Apparently you're not happy with the "results". How about Music Direct? Do you have anything to ad  to the conversation?
A: never had an issue with AA. 
B: can’t call and speak with a human at MD. Left a message, no reply. 
Just sayin’ 
Had great experiences with both Music Direct and Audio Advisor. Love em both. 
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Be positive

Always good advice. More convincing when delivered in a cushion of other positive words and tone.
it took months to get my DUSTCOVER from audio advisor...never had a problem with direct audio. Do the math.
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Nothing to play it on, listening room in shambles…remodel work in progress…

Hold for the SoCal chicken sandwich club meetup…

Music Direct rocks