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I haven't seen, or have been able to find much on this company out of Germany. Does anyone have any experience, or thoughts on them. Seems to be good stuff at decent prices.
Hi Jasonw01,

This company was started by one of the founders of MBL. They offer very high quality at reasonable prices for their amps and speakers.

I'm a staff writer for the website and have an agreement with them in January to review their monoblock amps and their new reference speakers. So keep in touch with me in the next two to three months and I'll be happy to share my take on their gear.
^Thanks Teajay
I recently heard their complete system of integrated amp, CDP, and stand-mounted monitors. Absolutely fabulous sound, especially for the money. Think economy versions of MBL gear. The speakers were good for monitors, but lacked the very lowest octave and a half of bass, I believe. But they also did not have that monitor mid-bass hump so many monitors are designed with. Very natural, smooth sound, with no etch or grain whatsoever.
i own a complete set of MUSIC CULTURE electronics (MC-601, 501a and 811 mono blocks). Better than KRELL, PASS LABS, AYON...
The natural sound coming out of those black boxes is amazing and true. My USHER AUDIO BE-10 sing like never before.
Mr Meletzky knows electronics for sure. I also tried the monitor. For a cheaper price, it was better than a B&W 805 signature. The bass are tight and not exaggerated like the 805. Midrange and highs are natural and a passthrough for emotions...