music, colors and psychic abilities

I think that we've all heard that different colors and music can influence our thoughts and emotions. This information has been put to use by every marketing company in existence. BUT, did you know that there is a new "science" that can use color preferences to interpret your personality and "tell you your future" ? Take a gander at this site and take the "test", as it is kind of interesting.

PS... This site was forwarded to me courtesy of Bob Bundus, who is heavily into psychic phenomena, UFO's and vampirism. He has studied such things under the tutorship of Uri Geller. I once saw him levitate speakers and bend Gold MFSL cd's strictly by using the energy of his mind.

PPS... The above paragraph is completely made up except the part about Bob originally forwarding the link to me : )
Very amsuing. Thanks Sean, Bob for sharing this info with us. Goldin's attempt looks like a new iteration of several attempts to use colour preferences in clinical psychological testing, some of which I've used extensively in earlier years but later discarded, preferring other, more precise methods. But its a nice parlour game. I just tried Goldin's version and the guy who emerged was quite foreign to me. And they say: Know thyself! Just goes to show, I am sincerely clueless. So I'd better grab my tackgun and repair some Quads. Cheers,
Nice one Sean, Bob. Just tried it. Very optimistic analysis, so much so I'd like to meet me. BTW, Detlof, I'm apparently good at precision work: maybe I could help you tinker those Quads beyond repair.
Yes, Greg and help me lift the Jadis monos out the window!
When I was in graduate school studying psychology, I met a psychic who said he saw colors whenever he heard music. I ran an experiment using random sequences of pure tones and had him tell me what color he saw with each. The match between frequency and color was no better than chance. I never used music - that may have been the problem, right.
"The existing situation is not of your liking." Well, DUH! That's because I have little Pro Ac Tablettes instead of piano black Revel Salons with aluminum sides. Boy, this Colorgenics thing sure is good at figuring out the obvious! (Seriously, though...the site pegged my personality with at least 95% accuracy.)
Yes, right on...
Even Miles Davis knew that colours not only can be visible but audiable too...
Detlof, i'm ashamed of you. Given your profession, you should know that people often see themselves as one thing while they are really another. The accuracy of these "color predictions" has been documented and verified ( Brian and i both think it pegged us pretty accurately ). You should now start living up to ( or maybe "down to", depending on your individual situation ) the assessment of the "all knowing color chart".

By the way, put away that tack hammer. Didn't it tell you that you were not suitable for playing with sharp instruments or dangerous tools ??? : ) Sean
Just tried it, the fact was, I preferred the 'natural' colors basically and didn't really go for the artificial colors until the natural ones were taken. I can see how they interpreted that in the profile.
I was taken with the written profile, but all of the things there are 1) positive about you, and somewhat 2) negative about how you think you matches up with the world.
I think those two things apply to 99% of the pop., that is, most people feel somewhat frustrated by their ability to make a mark, and most people feel themselves to be sensitive, intelligent.
I have to say, on most of the color choices I felt I was essentially choosing at random, without any particular preference.
Also obviously they take into account how fast you take the survey, which figures into the description via: you are a very decisive person, etc. This is sort of obvious.
I then took the test choosing the colors in random, sort of taking the colors in no discernible order in terms of how I felt about it. This may not be in the spirit of the test but then what came out also sounded quite plausible.
I think that as with most of these things, what comes out mirrors closely what goes in in a relatively transparent way...essentially, I find little of real 'scientific' value in this since the algorithm used to produce the profiles was obviously constructed by someone using generalizations, and generalizations are therefore produced, and so what applies to the individual at hand in particular is pretty hard to ascertain. Any more input from the psychologists?
It is a parlor game, and there's nothing wrong with that though! Cool, thanks for ths link!
I threw out a pink toilet quite a few years ago-- refused to use it, and replaced it with standard, boring old white one. I wonder what that means? I'll take the test later-- sounds interesting, gotta' do taxes now. Cheers. Craig.
Listen to the Psychic...

Ever heard of Timothy Leary?

Miss Cleo?
I'm glad that y'all are enjoying this. I too thought that it was pretty accurate but was also tempted to "play games" just to see how it reacts, not taking this really seriously anywhooo.
My speakers sometimes levitate themselves esp. following a "Leary" sugar cube or two '-) but I haven't been out vamping for years...
& who's this Uri Geller guy?
Think it's a cousin of L. Ron Hubbard...
I took the test and the conclusion was, "You've had enough for a while."

Must have been from choosing the blue blocks early in the test, indicating my need to escape the confines of my home, and see blue sky.

I am still dealing with construction that was promised to be complete at Thanksgiving.

If my contractor meant NEXT Thanksgiving, I may choose red as my first choice next time.
Sean, its probably a case of double personality, so I can't help it. Actually I like it. It makes my stereo sound like an all stator HT-system and I don't even need a screen with all those lovely hallucinations. As far as the tack hammer is concerned, I can't put it down, because I'm still waiting for the spark of genius to strike, which then will lead my hand into the right direction and away from the Quad's transformers. By the way, can you tell me, what those funny little bolts of lightening mean, which are printed on top of them? Cheers,
Bob, do you really not know who Uri Geller is ? There is a current "pop / alternative" song that they are playing on several different radio stations that talks about him. The opening line says something to the effect of "More fun than watching Geller bending spoons", etc...

He was / is a "psychic" / "magician" that became famous by bending silver spoons and starting clocks / watches that were stone dead by exercising his "mind power". He demonstrated these abilities on live TV several times. Don't know what happened to him though, as i haven't heard anything about him lately. Sean
If you guys had psychic powers like me, you'd be able to buy most of your audio gear without ever auditioning it (like I do).

But, this is inherited from my mother, who in fact is a psychic, a tarot reader and an herbalist.

Now you know the 'Psychic' component of my name...
I had a girlfriend in college that could stop a clock with her face. Worked well on the male students too, but her name was not Uri.
I don't audition my equipment either. Neither before nor after buying it. I just listen to music. So I suppose I must be psychic too and like Albert's girlfriend, when I was at college, I could stop girls as well, also just with my face, but I never bothered about clocks, I confess.