Music collection in Flac. Great! PC player..too slow. Suggestions??

Good day everyone!! I have my entire music collection in Flac format because i love the clarity. But,,i play the music  through a slow, outdated all in one pc. I travel a bit, so i don't want to lunk around a large stereo to play my digital files on. What would you recommend that is not large, but would play my music on, with no interruptions, since my pc is slow? (i thought of buying one of those dedicated digital players, like the Ipod style, but the hard drives are too small. My music is about 700GB. 

Thank you. 

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Hi Ronin,

Not sure I understand the problem really.

You travel, with your all-in-one PC, but it it not a laptop? What model?

What is slow about the PC? Playing music is not really a very demanding task.