Music Co-Op

I have been around music all my life. The first concerts I went to were in the mid to late 70s... Skynyrd opening for Wet Willie in a rodeo facility, and the early days of Tipitina’s when the Meters blew us all away. Many other legends... Ray Charles in a honky tonk dance hall with no A/C... Dr John, Clifton Chenier, Lil Bob and the Lolipops and many more.

In later years, I worked as a roadie, stage hand at venues and festivals, sound tech, grunt... then worked for a music festival in Austin as a sales manager (sponsorships, etc) and published a music magazine (Etc Arts, a print and web in the late 90s, early 2000s)

I also had a very mom & pop record shop (Vinylville) and established accounts with music distributors and also worked for Master-Trak, an old school record company.

I’m in my mid 60s now and still am a music lover. If I never hear freebird again, i’m good... but i’d like to see Ray Charles and Lil Bob again.

Time for a newww project. I still have accounts with distributors, so time for a Music Co-Op