Music Boy/Petra interconnects - where from?

Having picked up the buzz on these cables here I've been trying to find some. Has anyone been able to locate them in the UK or find a supplier that is prepared to ship them to the UK. The searches I've done only found eshops that ship to the US only.
Here you go:
Is that some sort of joke? I'm obviously not getting it....

Thanks John. I was a bit puzzled by the link, but did a product search and found the interconnect. Reading the small print though it says: "Relay fulfillment center ships only to the USA, Canada and US Possessions."

So whilst we have US military bases here, I don't think UK qualifies as a US Possession! :-)

Any other suggestions?

Here is anotherlink. Hope this helps.
>> Any other suggestions? <<

Sure, Red - I'll be happy to receive them at my place (near Washington, DC) and then re-send to you as long as you pay for the cables and the postage. I've been using these for several months now based upon Dave Pogue's recommendation and I'm quite happy with 'em. It's hard to believe you can re-wire your whole system for < $100 with quality interconnects, but I'm a believer now. Shoot me an email and we'll work out the details...

Hmmm....I had given more details on the Home Despot thread, here's a more direct link to the "correct" Petra cables: Are you sure about this very confusing "real fulfilment centre" crap? It says clearly "We ship internationally" at the bottom. Shoot them an e-mail asking for clarification/instructions. As to Starlink, they refuse to ship outside the US, too bad.
ya gotta admit, the words "digital" and "video" are enough to scare of all but the intrepid! :-)
Ya, I DO gotta admit that, so my advice: Be Intrepid all!
Jean thanks, I checked the direct link and the shipping policy - the minimum charge is $30 international shipment.

Big thanks to Rlwainwright who's kindly offered to do a personal redirect for me.

What a fantastic community this is!

Happy listening y'all

I can personally attest to the fact that Richard Wainwright is a great guy. He first heard the Music Boy/Petras at my place. What he is offering to do is really above and beyond the call of duty. Dave