Music Blu-ray Disc Vibration?

I recently purchased "Ella and Louis & Ella and Louis Again" by High Fidelity Pure Audio. Once loaded in my Oppo BDP-83, the disc seems to be vibrating so badly that it's easily audible during the quite sections of music. I've had a few CDs exhibit similar behavior, but no where near this bad.

Has anyone else experienced this and did you find a solution?

Many thanks.
Out-of-round discs will tend to wobble and vibrate compared to discs that are perfectly round, especially if the transport is not absolutely level.
By out-of-round, do you mean warped? Do you have any suggestions for determining if the disc is out-of-round? It appears to be perfectly flat when lying on a flat surface.
Out of round doesn't mean not flat. There are cd edge trimmers made to fix this problem, which might help you visualize the problem, but you should be able to return the disc for a replacement if it's not playing properly.
Tomcy6, thanks for the clarification. I'll contact Music Direct about a replacement.