Museatex Bidat DAC & Transport

I just bought a Museatex Bidat DAC and Transport. What digital cable do you recommend? It has all the updates but the power supply mod. Should I get the power supply mod? Is John Wright whom I need to contact, and if so, how do I contact him?
Yes, get the power supply mod. John Wright is the man to do it all at

John recommends the Moray James digital cable for all the Museatex gear.
It turns out the previous owner sold me his Moray James digital cable to connect the 2 units together.
I have another problem, with the Melior CD-D transport in that the transport motor does not seem to spin the CD. I think the box was bounced in shipping. I worried there will not be any parts to fix this unit. I have sent an email to John Wright.
The display reads "No Disc" and I open the drawer insert a CD label side up. As the drawer opens the display blanks out. The drawer then closes and the display says "wait" and then changes back to "No Disc" with the CD inside. I do not hear any motor spinning the CD so I think it is a motor problem. Anybody had this problem?
What would be another transport as good as or better than this one to use with the BiDat? Is there one which would use the C-lock like the Melior CD-D?
Jon Wright recommended a Theta Pearl (older but they still repair them) or one of their newer transports as a good choice. this was a few years ago, but I'd just ask him for the best match.
The ribbon cable on cdm pro 9 probably came loose in shipping. I had thisnhappen before. It can be without sending it to John if you're careful.

The power supply mod was discontinued I believe unless he has another non switching PS mod.