Muse TDA1793 DAC

I got this DAC from ebay after reading reviews and my curiosity for a DAC that might be cheap and good.

It sounds good, quite good...but there is a problem and I am turing to those who might know more than I.

The highs are scratchy and "old record sounding" Its like a bad record playing in the high range only {tweeters}. Not noticeable at low volumes unless your ear is next to the tweeter. I played direct bypassing the dac and the noise is gone so it is not my speakers. Turn it up and its bad. I did not notice this when I first got it but that does not mean it was not there...just never noticed. I have only had it 2 weeks with minimal listening...maybe 30 hours run through it.

Could this be the chip? Power cord? Bad DAC? Anyone?

This is a simple dac chip, contoller and op amp output. The only simple change would be to change the OPA2134 op amp, it in itself has a reasonalbe reputation and I have used it... If you want to do that, I would recommend an LME49720. It is a bit smoother and is found in a fair amount of high end gear and will switch out without issue. Outside of that, it could be that you have champagne taste on a beer budget.... I'm quite familiar with that myself.
Good Luck, Tim
i own the same unit and posted a favorable review on this site--haven't had a noise problem with mine. i'm sure timlub is right and you can address your issue by switching out the opamp, but it is a $50 dac, so i wonder if it's worth the hassle. why not contact the seller and ask if he'll replace your unit?
Thanks! I have sent a note to the seller, but they are in China and not sure if they can read english, but I sent it anyway.

I did buy this with the thought of " even if it sound OK I can still tweak it if I want".

So perhaps I will try your LME49720. I do have another OPA2134 her and I am thinking of switching them out to see if I have a bad OP Amp. Not even sure if its the problem..... I know just enough to be adventurous and not enough to have answers :-)

I do know this unit sounds great outside of the highs....I hope I can get it resolved.

Also I did switch my glass toslink for a plastic one with zero difference.

Timlub, I certainly have champagne taste on a beer budget...I like beer better too :-)

I will keep you posted and hope to find answers.


Loomisjohnson your review is one that I read that made me pull the trigger on this cheap "bargin".

so thank you!!

dusty, i hope i didn't steer you into a lemon...
i don't know the chinese sellers from adam, but from my experience these hk and china-based ebay electronic sellers are fanatical about positive feedback and customer service--they're really working to develop a market here (the main reason, i suspect, that they're selling real quality stuff for virtually nothin). i'd be surprised if you couldn't work 'em for a replacement--let us know.
Well I just replaced the OPA2134 with the only OP I had a OPA2132P and it works!! No bad highs!! Happy Camper :-)

I will give have to order the LME49720 and see what difference I like. So far the OPA1232P sounds really great!

Thanks for the input. Loomisjohnson you only gave a great review :-) and I thank you.

Others should not shy away from this Muse DAC....well unless you dont have an OP Amp laying around....or if you dont solder... HA!

Good news, thanks for the update, be careful, you can spend more money rolling op amps than you paid for the dac. The most well thought of Burr Brown is a pair of OPA627, you would need an adapter and 2 op amps. Many like the LME49710/LME49720(49720 handles higher voltage) better. I'm glad it worked out for you.
A fast response from the seller

"Hi, my friend
I am sorry for that.
I have asked the technician, and he said the problem is the Technology blind spot for the board at present.
It's diy product, so the price decide the sound effect to a certain extent.
Maybe you can change the power supply to a potential transformer, maybe it will be better.
Any other question, please let me know."

Basically with the same attitude as I when I bought it. It is such a cheap dac that I can roll and monkey with myself....exactly why I bought it...but kind of wanted it to work :-)

Looking into different OP AMPS and I will keep you posted.

The new OPA2132P does not sound as nice as the 2134, not as much bass or depth, but its not me hope for rolling :-)

Thanks again!

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