Muse Model Nine vs ?

I have a second generation Muse Model Nine non-signature that I was considering upgrading to a Model 10 at the cost of $1900. However, at that price, I have a lot of other options available. I listen to redbook CD almost exclusively. Does anyone have any opinions or experiences that they can share? Should I stick with the Muse? BTW - The price of the Model 11 upgrade is not available yet as the model is too new.
I had a nine sig gen one that I upgraded (read they kept the old and sent me a new) nine sig gen 4. Cost $1800, worth every penny...I haven't heard the 10 (or the 11) but I'm very excited about them hitting the used market!
I had model nine signature generation three that I upgraded to the model 10. It was an improvement in sound -not jawdropping, but audible nonetheless. Better and tighter bass, slightly cleaner high end (although not by much). I am curious to see what the 11 has to offer (I'm guessing SACD although when I talked to Kevin he swore he would never do a universal player due the comporomises in sound quality it would entail). I think you would do well to stay with Muse - its a quality product and I don't think you will do much better at the price. In addition, it does have the flexibility of the upgrade path, which many players do not.
I just purchased a Model Nine Signature last week for $1,350. According to the Ultimate Audio Review (link on Muse's website) this was a significant upgrade to the Nine. My advice would be to sell the Nine and upgrade to the Signature. There was one for sale yesterday. I would think the price differential would be $300 to $500 after selling your unit.

For the extra $1,800 it doesn't seem to make sense to upgrade to the Ten. You can buy a lot of CDs with $1,800.(My prinary interest is vinyl.) Very likely the 11 Upgrade will be $3,000 to $4,000.

For SACD, I will probably purchase the Sony SCD-3000 XA from England for about a $1,000. Unfortunately Sony does not sell this wonderful SACD player in the US, only the 9000 model which is 2X to 3X as much. The 3000 was rated 95 for SACD Sound by a British Magazine. Again for the money differential you can buy a lot of SACDs.
The 9 signature is very, very good on redbook CD, and an excellent DVD player as well. Based on feedback from Kevin at MUSE, for CD and DVD, the 10 is a higher performance player than the 11, although the 11 offers the advantage of playing SACD material. The 9 Signature is a $4,000 (new) player, so the upgrade costs are relative to what you are trying to achieve.