Muse Model Nine Signature vs. Model Ten

Can anyone tell me if there is much difference between the Muse Model Nine Signature v.4 and the Muse Model Ten on redbook cd?
Define "much." Kevin Halverson of Muse told me the Ten was an upgrade over the Nine Sig V4 on redbook CD. The Ten also plays DVD-Audio, and according to Kevin is Muse's top redbook CD player, even better on redbook than the Universal Player Model Eleven. In my system, both the Nine Sig V4 and the Ten sounded very good and I would probably have a hard time identifying where the Ten improves on the Nine Sig, unless I had them in a side by side comparison. Muse does have a house sound that I would describe as musically rich in the midrange, tight and tuneful in the bass, and not as airy or extended as some other players in the high end. The soundstage is also not quite as wide or deep, but is generally will organized (things are where they should be). I was very happy with both units.
Mitch, thanks for your response. I recently bought the Nine Sig V4 and like it. I was just curious if there was a noticeable difference between the two on redbook. Did you find any ic's which worked particularly well with the Muse? I'm going from a Cary 303/100 to the Muse and am finding the Muse a bit lean but with more detail.