Muse Model 9 Signature vs Model 10

I own and love my Muse Model 9 Signature (series 2) DVD/CD player. Best CD play back I've owned. I'm considering a trade/upgrade to a Model 10 and would like any opinions/advice from others who have done the same or made comparisons between the two (including video comparisons). Thanks
I have the signature ver 3 and I have asked the same q a number of timeshere and on AA but with no answer, Is Muse a very small company in US since so little intrest? I live in Europe.I haved been told by a guy here in my country that you have to move to Thalia for really improvment in sound and picture but I have had no chance to listen myself.He says that latest Thalia version is world class.
I also have a Muse 9 Sig v3 and have also asked this question with no reponses. I have called Muse and of course they assure me it is better, but I can't find a dealer to compare and no responses from audiogoners makes me think it may only be a prototype.
Well, I just upgraded my model 9 signature 3 to a model 10 for a chunk of change. Unfortunately, my original amplifier is out for repair, so I am unable to yet do a fair comparison. With my substitute amplifier, I would have preferred the 9 signature version 3 to the 10 by a mile. I will post further thoughts on this when my original amplifier comes back in order to make it a fair comparison. I have also written muse to discuss this with them as at present the sound difference is huge and not in a positive way. My wife confirmed my findings to her ears, which are of course better than mine.

Cheers - Scott
Well, I finally got my levinson 331 amplifier back yesterday (thank you Harmon International). I immediately set it up and voila, back to musical heaven. The amplifier made a huge huge difference in sound. I retract what I said in my previous post. I believe that the model 10 is better in cd playback than the model nine signature, but it is not a huge leap in sound quality. Where I notice it is in the bass, which seems tighter and slightly deeper than before with the signature nine version. The midrange and high end are once again back up to their stellar levels, and if anything slightly cleaner (without being edgy) in the top end that they were before. I can again hear the nuances I was missing before. My sincere apologies to Muse - I was wrong. I have not compared video quality as I lack a truly decent home theatre set up, nor have I compared dvd audio quality as I only have two dvd audio disks to play. But for cd playback the muse 10 is better than the nine signature. I do want to emphasize that it is not a huge difference, but it is an apparent one.