Muse model 9 sig CD player how good?

I own a Sony DVPS9000ES and wonder how a Muse model 9 would compare to it or others I have had in my system. I have also listened to a Meridian 508/24 and Sony SCD1. I especially liked the Meridian.

I like a neutral sonic signature and especially hate overly powerful/thick bass.

I especially care about the CD redbook and DVD sound as I watch movies quite often and do not really care about the high rez formats.

My system is: Audio Note Soro SE, JM Reynaud Trentes with Audience AU 24 IC and JMR HP 216A speaker bi wire.

Any recommendations/comparisons are appreciated


I owned a 9 sig for about 3 years. It was a generation 3 unit. I miss it. I should have never sold it. It replaced a Wadia 850. I like the Muse better.

The muse will compete with the Meridian.

Make sure you get the Signature version. It has a much better analog output stage than the normal 9.
Just my 2¢ - The Muse 9Sig was my single-component solution for 2ch redbook and dvd video front end. At the time of my purchase, the distance between mass market dvd/cd players and declared hi-end units were vast in quality and price. I think the 9Sig reputation of excellent sound and video continues because it's original targets for playback performance were very high. The cutting edge nature of the Muse designer and upgrade path for future formats made the Nine an appropriate choice for me.

I have heard the units you mentioned, although not in my system. The 9000 I haven't heard, but it is prized by many as well. I would consider the Muse character as being neutral and controlled. Not the most relaxed or fluid as I have heard, but very competent. Trust your own decisions about better or best. IMO, the Muse has a refined sound that elevates it above the crowd.

Good luck.
The Muse sig 9 set a standard for redbook players. The new Muse 10 is far superior. Muse is neutral, detailed, musical and very listenable. It has some of the best midbass response of any player and its soundstage is as accurate as it gets. The Muse 10 is better than the Theta Compli (sorry people) and gives Wadia a run for its money. Give any Muse component serious consideration.
I upgraded my 9 sig gen3 to a 10, the improvement in cd playback was audible and significant, but not jaw droppingly different - a bit more clarity in the midrange and a bit more smooth and extended on the top - not that it wasn't good before. I would hold off on the universal model 11 - uless you need sacd - Kevin Halverson will admit that the redbook playback on the 10 is better than on the 11. So, I think you will really enjoy the model 9 sig - its a great player!
My experience upgrading to the 10 is exactly the same as Scotty 910's, but I would add the Model 10 has DVD-A capability, which sounds outstanding.
Thank you all very much, I borrowed a model nine sig. gen 3 overnight (thanks Tim!) and I certainly prefer it to the Sony. It is the sort of component that makes you question your other components so good are its virtues. What I mean is that at first I was thinking the Muse was a little light in mid/upper character but now I wonder if it is my speaker wire or maybe the lower bass was a little soft but I know my amp needs new tubes. It holds its own with my other beloved components and I would not put one above the other between my Trente speakers or the Soro SE amplifier.

Talk about pulling out and listening to old discs! From what I rememeber, on a different system, the Muse reminds me of the Meridian 508/24 though a guess would be the Meridian is less open and more colored especially in the bass. I think the Muse is very neutral with excellent soundstaging and very detailed without hitting you over the head with information and no exaggeration of the high end in substitute for detail. Subtle nuances that make you think of the real performance are in abundance. This one is a keeper.

all the best,

Today I compared the Muse model nine sig. Gen3 to a Electrocompaniet EMC-1 UP (not sure of exact model but the latest and greatest). In a short comparison the Muse held it's own with the Electro being more open and natural but a little too smooth for my tastes where the Muse was more forward and sometimes had more midrange 'color' or life. Overall I think the Electro was less obtrusive and the Muse was a little mechanacle, but not embarrased, they were certainly comparable.
Thanks for the input, Muse has been on my wishlist and your feedback made the craving increase!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know the differences in the various generations of Muse 9's?
I see in the classifieds section there are at least 4 versions? and signature and non sig versions?
so a total of 8 versions, I'd just like to know what I'm getting if I were to buy one!
I have owned both the Model 11 (very briefly) and the Model 10, now a permanent fixture in my system. The Model 10 is much better. Depth and width of soundstage are enormous, clarity is superb, and retrieval of detail with my Pass Aleph amps and Quad 989s is up there with the best. It is better in these ways than the Wadia 301 I owned. Both players have an addictive rhythm or time or bounce or whatever to the music that makes them stand out from others, in my taste anyway. The Wadia is more obvious about thism but the muse has much better clarity and superb dynamics--low and high.

I think you could be happy with any of these. Of the last three I have owned--Sony SCD-1, Wadia 301 and Muse Model 10, I prefer the Muse. But I enjoyed all three very much.

Good luck,
I have a Muse model 9 Gen 4 which is a nice improvement over a CAL CL15 that I also have.

However I always wonder about the added DVD technology which I dont use. (I just use the player for cd playback)
Would I be better off putting my money into a unit that just offers cd playback and not dvd functionality? I assume some of the cost of the unit is consumed by the dvd video and HT sound ability? or is that minimal?

Are there any CDP's that can be had used for under $2500 that would be a clear winner over the Muse 9 Sig G4?

BTW, in my dealing with Muse so far, their support staff has been very courteous and quick to respond to my questions, A+ in support for them!!
I had a 9 sign g 3 for years. A very good player and you get DVD as a bonus (with very good sound). I compared it to a Wadia 860x in my system and it was at the same level. I have replaced it with a Forsell Air Bearing transport and Forsell DAC. Better sound but much more expensive!