Muse Model 9 or Classe cd/dvd-1?

I am considering a Muse Model 9 or a Classe cd/dvd-1 used for about $1000. I have a seperate 2 channel vinyl only system, and will move in the DVD player only for social gatherings when vinyl isn't practical. I need a good DVD player for my theater where picture quality is the most importance. Any comments on these two players audio quality would be apprecited. Also, are there any others that I should consider.
I own the Muse model nine sig ref 3 and like it very much. I really like movies and find it has a terrific picture with a very good remote. The sound is very nuanced and slightly forward though never harsh. I compared it to the latest Electrocompaniet and was surprised to find it was nearly as good with the Electro being more open and laid back but with similar detail and bass.