Muse Model 2 DAC

Any old geezers like me out there who remember the Muse Model 2 DAC? I've resurrected mine from the closet temporarily to combine with an equally vintage PS Audio transport to play my CDs while my frequently misfunctioning Prima Luna CD player is undergoing repairs (yet again!.) The Muse (working well when I mothballed it) won't turn on and I suspect I might need to replace the fuse. It's a 1/2 amp large fuse, but I don't know whether it's a fast or slo blo model. Looked on the Web, but haven't found an answer... Anybody know? Thanks 
A fuse either works or it doesn't! There is no "half-way" point. Take that fuse out and hold it up to a light. Look inside. Is the wire within broken? If not, the fuse is still good. There should be lettering near the fuse holder indicating type: 2A Slo-blow etc... Replace with same type! Don't waste money on any "audiophile" fuses (SR, Tuning ...). These are just a rip-off for the unwary! Buss and Littel fuses are cheap and work as well as any fancy fuse. Remember, a fuse is not like a pencil - it does not wear out with use!
Throw that Prima Luna CD player in the trash! Go to EBay. You can find plenty of older CD players there for cheap and in still-working condition. Same for DVD players! They play CD's just fine and will work as a transport to connect to a DAC! 
The Muse DAC 2 is a fine unit and is worth restoration! Be sure to get a 75 ohm 1 meter (or longer) RCA-to-RCA cable to connect it to a CD/DVD player/transport. Canare makes a good one!