Muse Model 18 Subwoofer

I am purchasing a Muse but the owner did not have a manual. Does anyone have a manual they would be willing to copy for me? I will be happy to pay for your time. Also I am not sure if the sub is coming with a personality card. I need one for Hales Model One's is it possible to find these anymore?


Why not give Kevin Halverson at Muse a call--he is very helpful-I'm sure he'd assist.

Good Woofer by the way-yes you need the card for the correction/etc.

Good Luck,

You can still contact Muse for the card and possibly manual. this was true about two years ago.
I would think twice before buying a Muse 18. To find out if a personality card is available for your speakers you must locate a dealer. I owned a Muse 18 when they were new and IMHO there are much better subwoofers available.
When I owned the Muse 18 Kevin would not sell me the personality card. He was very rude and told me I would have to purchase it from a Muse dealer.

My speakers at the time were Martin Logan CLS. They were also Kevin's speaker and he claimed the personality card was especially well tuned to that speaker, but the CLS sounded much better without the Muse.

The Muse 18 is a good subwoofwe if you want to see your floor become a blur, but musically satisfying it is not. I achieved better results with a Vandersteen 2W and REL subwoofers.
There's a guy on Audiogon right now selling the Muse 18 sub.
Ask him if he has the manual?
Thanks everyone I got the manual, now just working on the card.
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Hi Cmb. Where did you get your Model 18 manual from? I'm in need of one as well. Thanks, Jim
I can provide a pdf of the Manual to anyone who needs it. Also looking for personality card information for Hales Signature System Two.
Good morning Hansf, Spikletron here. Just picked-up a Muse 18 sub. Would you have any info associated with it? Thank you.