Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard

Just gor my new Muse 9 signature CDP. WOw what a incredible good sound. I dint thinbk that you could get so good sond from old redbook CDs. The resolution and prrsentation of microdetail is faboulus, The sound is so musical and utterly refined easily outperforming Wadia 860ix previosly the best in my system, I havent heard enough of 2496 CDs yet to comment on that sound. But at below 4000 dollars I think its a steal!! Anyone else who have heard this CDP?
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Maybe, you should write a review about it? What other associated equipment, and speakers you have? etc...!
Ulf, I too have the Model 9 Signature and I second your thoughts. Better than anything I have had before by a LARGE margin. As for the rest of my equipment, I am using the Presence Audio Deluxe line stage, EVo, and yes........gasp.........the Khorus' by Talon Audio. Cabling is by AP.
Im building a high resolution system around the Audio Artistry Dvorak speaker. Its an incredible good speaker, much underrated, with Silversmith cables (triwired-very expensive but worth it). I use Rowland model 2 amp for the main panel and looking for one more used to drive the subs. Dolphin whats your opinion on 2496 DAD capability? My intinal findings is that the 9 is so good at redbook Cds that 2496 is only marginal better.
Ulf, I would like to pleasantly diagree with your findings. A well recorded (not all of them fit this criteria) 24/96 DAD if much better than your typical redbook CD. I came to the same conclusion as you with other 24/96 capable players, but with the Muse, most 24/96 DAD's sound more musical and detailed w/o a hint of glare.
Ulf, I own the Rowland Model 10 and Synergy II. I used to own the Model 2 and loved it. One thing--I honestly believe that another Model 2 would be complete overkill if used as bass module amps on your speakers. Plus, I think you could probably use a bit more power there than you need on the main speaker units, the Model 2 is "just" 75 watts. As long as you have a high current capable amp of decent quality and maybe 200 watts or so, I'd think that would be more than sufficient for your needs; and save you some $$ too. The Innersound ESL amp would be one good choice, it's OEM'd from Coda. Shoot, even a relatively inexpensive Rotel or Adcom amp might do the trick on those woofers. Save the $$, sell your Model 2, and we'll get you a new Model 10 to boot!
Whew: Talk about talking yourself into something! Call the's same as the Resolution (even check out this info on web pages from each!) It sounds like a Resolution...i.e. too bright and edgy for me...cold and a little sterile. As with any CDPs your mileage will vary, that is, depends a lot on ancillary equipment you are using . Cheap transport and set up for transport, IMO, as well as average to poor looks (what is that logo...looks like a 10 year old designed it!)
Never sounded cold and sterile to me and I have heard it in three different set-ups. You are right, it may be the rest of your equipment. BTW, it is not the same player as the resolution.
Nobeige I agree partly that the 9 looks are not so good. The wadia at twice the price has much nicher looks, but I rather have the 9 since its so much better that the Wadia. To Dkuipers The Audio Artistry speaker needs 2 exacltly same amps to sound the best ( the activ xover divides at the critical 100 hz) or 2 amps that sounds the same. I dont know if bigger Rowland amps sound the same as the model 2 exept for bigger power reserve?
Ulf, I am happy that you have found a CDP that you like so much. It goes without saying that we all have different ideas what sounds best, but I must suggest that you listen to the Linn Sondek CD12 with redbook CD's before you declare the Muse the best. The Linn may not have the capability to play 24/96 CD's, but I have to believe that it has no equal when it comes to redbook CD playback. Just my 2cents. Enjoy!!
I have not heard the Linn in my own system but in an all Linn system with their biggest amps, Klimax?, biamping their biggest speakers. The sound from my system was clearly superior.The most apperant was the more resolution and "airness" in my system while the Linn sounded somewhat closed in. That dont rule out of course that the CD 12 in my system would perhaps sound ever better than my Muse.
I agree with some of the findings when it comes to sonics. The Muse 9s blew away my 860x. My system consists of BAT VK30se pre, Rowland 8t amp, B&W N802, Analysis PLus speaker wires + xlr int(Silver Ovals), Transparent Ultra xlr int from pre to amp, 3 Richard G, 1 Quantum Symphony, powersnakes Cobra, Viper 2, sidewinders, ASC tube traps for room treatment. Compared the 9s to the Resolution cd55, Perpetual Technologies upsampler dac system, Bel Canto, and found the 9s to be better in my system.
I also own the Muse Model 9 Signature. It sounds really great. However, before the CD starts playing the player makes a lot of noise that comes through the speakers. The noise stops completely when the mechanism locks into place and the CD starts playing. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
I also experience the same problem but not every time and is minor, so I haven't paid much attention to this defect.