Muse 18 sub: comments?

I am in the market for at least 1, possibly stereo, sub(s). I have read only limited reviews of the Muse 18 sub, would like some real world comments from owners re/sound, how sub is hooked up, etc. Also, I have been unable to find a website for Muse. If you know of one, please let me know.
ditto to all questions....with the same questions about the Muse 20
I have had Muse 18 for 7 years mated w/Martin Logan cls iiz. Very very good product,fast enough to be a good match for electrostatic speakers,included 200 watts amp allows user to select a better quality(tube?)less powerful amp for the satellites.One unit is enough unless you have a very large room.Personalized cards are available from the company to better mate with your speakers.Reaches low 20's with low distortion,can play fairly loud.You can adjust volume, damping,phase.Like any other speaker the most critical thing to obtain best results is to try many different positions in the room with the help of a 20Hz-20KHz CD(Stereophile cd test 1 for example)and an inexpensive Radio Shack sound meter located exactly in the position where the center of the head is,in the listening chair.You'll be amazed at the difference in frequency response you get by moving it/them a few inches left/right or back/front.Try not to put the sub in the corner where you think you get the most bass because most often that is where you get also most standing waves and heavy bass.Your interconnect cable from the preamp into the sub.Another interconnect cable from the sub to the power amp. It's that simple.I hope to have been of help.
A list of the currently available Personality (x-over) cards can be viewed at: ------------------------------------------------------ A list of optional and standard finishes can be seen at: ------------------------------------------------------ Retail pricing for the Eighteen is available at: ------------------------------------------------------ Before you go any further, please note their might be a major price increase on this incredibly underpriced model very soon. ------------------------------------------------------ The Muse Model Eighteen is still the worlds top performing subwooer with (by far) the simplest cross over (just plug in the proper personality card). Stereophile Class A for years (finally omitted because: "not auditioned in too long a time"). While many other manufacturers continue to introduce more and more expensive models, Muse, as usual, has kept their price very reasonable (half the cost of some of its competition). Also, unlike many, the Muse sub is not simply a box with a driver. The cabinet alone consists of 26 pieces. The subwoofer has been on a 4-6 week back order for NINE YEARS! Last (and only) update was approximately 2 years ago (the price has also only gone up only approximately 20% since it's release). The best sub from one of the best companies at a reasonable price. We will give you a top dollar trade in credit on your existing sub/s. Ask for a ph or eMail quote. If you want the best, and have the room (25x25x25" & 155lb's), then this is the sub for you! ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ MUSE: Model Twenty-Two $1,650 powered sub in black Call for our price. ------------------------------------------------------ Model Twenty-Two $1,750 powered sub in oak Call for our price. ------------------------------------------------------ Demo's available. Custom finishes available. Model Eighteen $3,450 powered sub in oak or black. Call for our price. ------------------------------------------------------ Model Eighteen $3,700 powered sub in cherry or walnut. Call for our price. ------------------------------------------------------ Model Eighteen $4,950 powered sub in lace wood. Call for our price. ------------------------------------------------------ Model Eighteen $5,950 powered sub in Corian. Call for our price. ------------------------------------------------------ Balanced option for Eighteen: $500. ------------------------------------------------------ Personality (x-over) cards Model Eighteen (over 50 available): $35 ------------------------------------------------------ Wood options on Muse subwoofers Demo's available. Custom finishes available. ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ Regards, [email protected] eMail checked once weekly. For promptest response, please ph. Phone hours: M-TH: 1-7pm PST. ph805.527.9739 fax805.527.9808 (updated daily!) eCatalog available. New equipment demo's by appointment. All quotes are good for 30 days. Customers in every U.S. state, & 31 other countries Air shipping makes it easy, our shipping prices make it affordable. (angol/ingles/englisch/beszelunk magyarul!/ hablamos en espanol/wir sprechen deutsch).
Get one whilst you can. The only sub that can "integrate" properly into a system, without becoming too evident. Nothing else has this quality.
Thought you might want to know-- Muse just getting up a web site now. If still looking for a MUSE 18 get back to me, I was about to put one on the market myself.
Wanted to correct posting of 3-28, note corrected e-mail address. Haven't figured out just how I did that, just getting a little senile in my old age or, hopefully, maybe just staying up to late. No comments from the peanut gallery please.
I own the Model 18. 15 years ago I mated it with the Hales Signatures and the corresponding personality card. I have not changes my speaker system since. The accuracy and body are wonderful.

BTW: I am an impatient audiophile that has the disease, yet 15 years with the same system. Enough said.

Just for reference:

Audible Illusions 3B
Linn LP12
PS Audio Ultralink
Cool Cables
Bad Ass CD Player (that I never listen to)
Anyone know the personality cards signature I have a 36. Trying to find out if placement can bring up the bass to cover 80-120 or if the card is programmed for 80 down? Also if the card is removed will it cover greater range, not work at all or ? 
Thank you