Musak Fidelity/Stereophile Dec

Hooray.Went and picked up the Dec. issue of Stereophile and guess what?More MF products to put between more MF products,and they sound great as usual,thanks to the brilliant uncensored reviews.Can hardly wait for the Jan 05 issue for more and better MF boxes to buy.Life is good,sorry to waste your time,Bob
Buy yourself the new A5 component after all, as they say at Musical Fidelity they're probably the best component ever made or better still get into the spirit of Christmas and like ST consider the X series components as a gift to someone you love.....:-)
I owned a few Musical Fidelity components in the past, and found them to be very good- especially for the money.

Maybe Sam actually LIKES the products and is not under some sinister economic imperative to write good reviews....

Just my thoughts.
I stand corrected.Thanks for going easy,Bob
Heard A5 driving BW703 this weekend.. I liked it so much so that I bought this combo (Sounded betterd than A308, A3.2 ; N804) probably cuz it's got so much power?...Couldn't get the CD player though... too much $$$..

my old man still uses 20+ old P270 with his another 20+ old Bozak speakers, they still sound great probably better than A5/703 combo
but A5/BW look way cooler.. :)

I really think MF makes great products- especially for classical listeners