Musaeus between amp and pre-amp??

Anyone try the Musaeus between an amp and pre-amp?? For a cdp I seem to remember resolution not being the best but I wonder if that would matter less between the amp and pre-amp. I am using EA advance for speaker and Aqueous IC for the cdp.


I currently am running Musaeus between my preamp and amp. The balance between highs, lows, and mids is nice. There is no significant coloration, and the resolution is good. Its a very good cable for the price.

If you can afford to move up the PAD line, you will get more bass, better defined bass, and better resolution. This of course comes at a price $$$.

If the Musaeus are your price range, I wouldn't hesitate. Other high-end audio friends seem to enjoy my system with these cables in the mix.

If you can pay double or triple the cost of the musaeus, then moving up the PAD line maybe worthwhile.