Mural of "Live" Jazz/Rock Band

A little over a year ago, I started a discussion thread, looking for a mural of a jazz or rock band, to put on the wall behind the speakers in my listening room. Since then, the thread has vanished from A'gon.

There were a few informative reponses to this lost thread.

One response that I would like to see again was link to a web site, which I beleive was for a music store or audio shop in California.

The picture on the web site's home/main page was a mural that is painted on that store's exterior wall.

If anyone knows what store/web site this was, I'd appreciate it if you could send/post a link.

If anyone knows of ready to install murals of this nature that are approx 12' wide x 5+' tall, please share your resources.

Thank you.