mundorf supreme caps vs m caps

hi, 'i am wondering if anyone out there has done side by side listening tests of these two caps , and what are the differences between them ? I am talking about coupling caps on an amplifire. thanks, chrissain
Check out Tempo Electric's Great Capacitor Shootout.
A jump up to the Silver Oil or Silver Gold Is well worth the extra money.
Have tried all the Mundorfs and have been very pleased. Have heard the Vcaps and they are good but the point of diminishing returns comes into play.
Mingles Thanks!!!
hi, thanks for your responses , my amps, came with mcaps as couplers, and I replaced them with mundorf supremes, and I think some things are better but there are some things that bother me, less butter in the mids , and some what darker presentation which I do not like. does this sound right ? the silver and golds are to big to fit in my amps. thanks, chris
What size are the caps?

if you mean value they are 2.2 uf 425vac 800vdc, the caps I replaced were 2.7 uf mcaps thanks, chris
so has no one listened to plain old Mcaps, they are so much cheaper , it would be great if they sounded good, any input would be helpful , thanks, chris
Haven't listened to the Mcaps, but I am a big fan of the Supremes. I replaced Auricaps in my preamp outputs with Supremes and the sound was markedly improved. More air and shimmer on the highs, less glare.
another question, is there a cap that is the same price, or cheaper that sounds better ? thanks, chris
If you tell us which amp you want to upgrade the input caps, etc. you might get more responses, especially from those who have the same amp make and/or model.
thanks sherod. my amps are rogue audio m150s. I done basically what rogue has done with there m180 upgrade. the m150s came with mcap 2.7 caps. rogue put in polysytrenes bypassed with .27 mundorf supremes. did not like it , so I took them out and replaced with 2.2 mundorf supreme. what ever i have done there is less body and color in the mids, they seem darker now. less forgiving. maybe its the caps, maybe its some other part of the upgrade ? thanks for any sugestions, chris
Chrissain, why did you use 2.2 uF when upgrading your caps? The original value was 2.7. This is likely the source of your problem. I suggest adding .5 uF in parallel with the 2.2 or completely replacing with 2.7.
I'm thinking that the new Mundorfs need a few hundred hours of break-in before you give a final assessment. How's the Rouge sounding lately, Chrissain?
hi, I replaced the 2.7 caps with 2.2 caps because there was an issue with size, and mark from rogue did not think that it would be a problem sonically. I think that i will try the original size again when funds allow it. thanks ,chris