Mundorf Spremes vs Spremes EVO OIl vs EVO OIl

If they will fit in the space, always go the extra $ and go with Supreme EVO OIl Silver Golld
Larger cap = handles more complex passges especially in classical full orchestra.
another member here months ago suggested, if the SESGO will fit and the budget is avalible, = Got for the SESGO,, 
wish I had understaood the reason why the Supreme is superior to the EVO OIl SILVERGOLD = SGEO. larger cap = more capacity to handle rough passages/complex instrumentations.
Just passing note on,, as my new Thor xovers are in, but had to make some mods over what maduiosund installed.
Madisound does not have all M caps in their inventory,, This can bea  issue if you are looking for top quality components. 
Just passing on these notes. 
Reaserch exactly what componenst you want in the xover,, purchase,, then ship[ to Madisound and have them install the xovers.
Fees are very low , like $100.
My new Thor xovers have really opened up the Thors, 
The only thing holding back the Thors are the other components, That is to say, The Excel drivers are only limited by the componenst connected. 
Not at all complaining, just saying the Seas Thors are really a  spectacular speaker
Videos comming once I have even more mods/upgrades comming next few weeks.
Will post a  vid here tonight

Ok as promised a  new YT vid showing off 
1) Mundorf supreme caps/EVO Oil caps
2) Seas Thors
3) navships silver copper cables runninga s power cords on all 3 units, speaker cables, cables inside speakers, and inter connects. all navships high  tech silver copper cables. 
More upgrades on the way this week and next week.

stay tuned
The Mundorf Supreme EVO Silver gold is superior to Mundorf EVO Oil  silver gold, due to a  larger cap = can handle more complex passages with less break up. 
As I say, if space is a  issue, go with EVO Oil silvergold, if not gow ith Supreme EVO Oil.  2x's the price, nearly twice the size,
In larger size uf's the Supreme price really jumps,, so please make that note.
which is why i am holding off swapping the EVO OIl for the supreme in the C3 10uf. 
The white EVO Oil is as like the smaller version of rthe supreme. 
Music starts at 8 minute. Liken to Sophie Milman's vocals,, WOW factor high....
Mundorf's aluminum caps will sound different from the Silver Caps, 
= a  cap is nota  cap,. 
If you can afford the Supreme  Silver EVO , go for it, If space is a constraint, go for the smaller version, the EVO OIl Silver. 
In bass sections go Supreme Aluminum. 
In your amps, go with the Sureme EVO Silvergold for Linestages EVO Silvergold. 
Linestage are more passive than active, a  larger Supreme version is not necessary.
CD players also, employ the EVO OIl silver gold, although I am employinga  pair of 2.2 Supreme Silvergold (not EVO) in the final stage of the circuit. 
The white EVO Oil Silvergold 2.2 may have been a superior cap in that circuit. \
And most likely will swap out the Supreme Silvergold for a  EVO Silvergold. 
The EVO winding tecnology makes fora  superior quicker trancients vs the larger Supreme silvergold. At lesat fo ra  cd player. 
I might actually go Supmere EVO Silvergold 2.2, Most likely thats what I will do.

Just passing along notes for others making upgrades in their components.