Mundorf silver /oil /gold vs Duelund CAST

After hours of testing Mundorf's S/O/G Caps mated with Scanspeaks new revalator dome we were not pleased with the sound of the Mundorf/scanspeak combo the results were disappointing: poor dynamics and contrived not natural sound with a loss of rated SPL.

However; coupled with the Duelund CAST capacitor the new tweeter actually and finally came to life. It is smooth, real, and dynamic with an open natural sound!

Perhaps the Mundorf is better with many more hours on her??

Go Duelund!
I agree that Jensen and Urishi are good alternatives to Duelund for less $$$ still not as good but very, very good just the same.
Regrettably, I'm not sure I can endorse the Mundorf SO SOG as we have had clearly better results with other German caps that "get out of the way" perhaps the Mundorf is for those wanting a more truncated sound.
I have tried S/G/O in a number of places and have never liked their sound. They always sound too bright and thin. On the other hand, my limited experience (so far) with CAST caps in both my speaker crossovers and as a coupling cap in my amps has been a total delight. They have amazed me from the first time I wired them up, and I have yet to hear any negative qualities with them. They are the only cap I have heard where I can't identify anything negative about its SQ.
the Cast's are crazy expensive (I need six in my crossovers). Any thoughts about copper or tin v-caps compared to the Duelands?