Mundorf Silver Caps

Need some personal testimonies from mods employing Mundorf top line caps, Supremes, Silver OIl. 
I just had 8 M SGO caps installed in my cayin CD17 Mark1 and have found excellent results., In spite of the many critics who suggested <waste of money>>
There is a  YT vid froma  japenese tech who can not find any superior testing froma   more expensive cap, and has doubts to the value of modding with new caps,...Yet there is another YT tech who employs M caps and has the units up for a  sound test.
I can actually hear the superior mod with new M caps through my $10 computer speakers ,,in fact i hear a  HUGE sonic gain.
I have plans to mod a  new tube preamp i plan to add later this year and have my Defy7 recaed with M SGO caps. + My Speakers xovers with new M SGO caps.
I am sure jadis uses high quality caps, but high quality is not M caps. 
I bet any money Jadis employs aluminum caps, whereas M caps are silver.


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I’ve looked over various cap labs, seems Mundorf offers at least 6+ lines of caps. Seems this lab has done its homework, and i am very impressed at their web site offerings.
I see a YT tech guy who offers mods, uses ~~Mundorf’s~~ as per clients request ,,of course,,,but i am confident he has no issues fufilling that order.
He posts YT vids on his mods,,and I can actually hear the huge sonic gains in his mods via my $10 comp speakers.
I just had some M SGO (6 white cap/not supremes + 2 Silver Supremes) and I can hear more dynamics which the cayin stock caps, Real caps , blocked via cheaply made 2 cent chinese caps.
I’ve had tech guys, Richard Grey in that group ~~Wasting your money on caps,,,a cap is a cap,,is a cap,,,so goes their mantra.
Well to my ears ~~~at least~~ I do believe i am hearing things not heard with cheap stock caps.
I still have 8 more small caps to employ,,just waiting on M to make that size, the Ebay seller says, will arrive any day,,,it is the .022 cap.
Now the mod charge was $250, as it was a pre fab board, and not a easy solder.
Richard Grey said he wouldn’t touch that type of mod..I am very glad I got it done.
Now opens the doors for further upgrades.
I would not be happy addinga new Class A preamp, the Cayin SC^ with cheap caps in the cayin cd17.mark1.
As mentioned I am going all M SGO caps in the
1) cayin SC6 Mark2
2) Jadis Defy(Not sure how many there, as it is quite a few caps,,have to talk with Richard and see where the critical caps are in that schematic).
3) all new M SGO + 2 Spremes Black casing SGO 10UF (they are huge and i picked up a pair at a good price on Ebay,,now i need to add another 8 UF to that point in the xover, so going witha 8uf SGO white casing.

All these mods will takea year,to complete,,as my tube flipping has beena financial disaster = taking a huge loss. That ~~Fiasco ~~ has set me back 6 months on the purchse of the Cayin preamp.
anyway,,back to M caps, I use them, as they seem to know what they are doing, and I am a believer a nice cap will cost ya.
I do not want to go with low priced caps, then years later change them out.
As I say, if we cut open one of the other caps mentioned,,then a M cap, the construction quality might be evident.
We are talking about nuances here, and i am aware a superior cap might sound ~~~similiar~~ toa lower budget cap,,,But think about it,,,folks were sucked into all sorts of ~~snakeoil~~~ past 10 yrs or so,,with ~~~high quality cables~~~ Pinched waist tubes,,,,,getter tubes, Holy Grail tubes,,and all such nonsense,,paying exhorbitant sums for these ~~gimicks~~
Caps are ~~the real deal~~~, Its my opinion, cap mods will become the next biggest thing in audiophile universe.
The old cliche which Richard Grey and other tech gurus *if it ain’t broke,,,don’t fix it*** is old school and that philosopy needs to be proven ~~~wrong~~~
I’ve had personal exp so far with the Cayin cd17,,and look for more huge gains with the other 3 components.
If Jadis installed M SGO caps, the Defy sale price would run in the $$$$$$$$.
Should mention,,,if you are considering going M Supreme’s, these caps are HUGE, and space constraint may be a issue. The lower priced white case caps, are ~~nearly as good~~ and far less expensive>
I think the Spremes are a ~~overkill~~ inspite ofa EU tech guy suggesting the Spremes are the better choise.
I just don’t see the justification spending that extra cash on a bigger cap,,,...
Yeah I want to have my tech guy install the M SG OIL caps, 
@ Decooney
Why not the OIL caps?
Here is the cap i am considering.

but my tech guy says the Defy 7's board is a  pain to disconnect, and so very6 hard to work on,,I just told him, snip the leads/leave the board alone, just snip and solder leads, but i think he wants a  *clean job* = solder from under side.
anyway,, could bea  expenisve job, as the amp is now 20 yrs old and says chnage also the electrolytics also, = $$$$$$$ (maybe $800+.... for all caps / labor.
thats alot of cash,,but consider i will have a  super Defy 7. 

so have the M SGO cap in the cayin,,,8 caps,, 2 are SILVER SUPREME OIL,,,not bad,,nice pop in nuances.
Not much , but as i all things audio, we are only  after that tiny nuance,,now i just ordered 8 M SGO for my Lite LS9 preamp,,which i put down as a cheap chinese junk,,actually there may bea  inkling of truth that it is based on the Jadis design..Employs 6 AT7's in the driver stage, 3 stages,,another AT7 and 2 other retifier tubes,.,,all total 9 tubes,,,actually i perferd this Lite over another pre tube i just bought and returned,,won't mention any names.
So this mod will be done next week and will reporrt  back,,Then, once Uncle sam sends me his 1200 lil gift,,,i'll order 12 .47uf M SGO caps for the Jadis Defy7. 
I am going with M silver  gold oil EVO, as they are reasonably priced,,Their black casing model's are too expensive for my budget,,and besides are you really going to noticea  dif is the  OIL vs the Non oil?
.47 oil are like 25 each, non oil 50. each.
I just could not see paying 2X's for most likely the very same sound sonics. 
I think M is selling snakeoil on their higher priced caps,,There are quitea  few tech guys who believe a  cap is a cap is a cap. ,,I would not go taht far,,but i will say, Their budget priced SGO EVO is reasonably priced. 
Jensen, Jupiter and Ayuden caps are over priced AS far as i am concerned.
ahhh you see i am not a believe in this break in thesis/idea.
To me its snakeoil.
I wrote the ebay dealer if the oil vs non oil had much dif, he could not give mea  staright asnwer = same sound,,why pay 2X's for non oil??? = Mundorf is pushing snakeoil.
The white EVO SGO IMHO are same as Non Oil SG EVO.
The only dif is the price.
again, modding old caps to new M SGO  brings in nuanaces of superior sonics,,its not like niight and  day upgrade,,,but well worth the mod expense.
My Lite LS9 caps arrive tomorrow, so next week will have installed and will make a  YT video which i will post here.

i have the AT7 version, without remote,,,i did not wanta  remote, if breaks, how will you use the pre????
also i just took out the stock russian AT's and installed 6 + 1 E80 tubes,,yeahhhh now we are talking sound.
man i love adore am facinated with the E80 tube. 
I have about 60 of that tube,,and my tube guy in washington sate is selling 20 for me, the rest i will list very high and sell a  few  each year.

@ oldhvy
yeah, so i installed the M EVO oil silvergold caps for budget and space issues, as the supremes are nearly 2x's the size of their little brothers,,these were installed in the preamp,,i did note a  nice sonic resolution,, Then i modded the Defy7 with the Supreme's as highly recommended bya  fellow audiogoner.
And now i can really note a  sonic gain. 
caps make a  dif, = not snakeoil
There is a  yuotube tech guy who feels if he can not measure a  sonic gain in his lab scope/testing equip,,,then its snakeoil,,I commented,,but what about a  nuance,,,can his testing prove the cheap cap is equal to the expensive cap? 
He does not believe this theory, nor do most DIYer's on that forum. 
They feel a  old russian cap is not inferior to M's Jupiter, Auyden copper caps.
To me, thats snakeoil thinking.
Here is one, 
If I were only listening to bass rifts,, then sure a cap is a cap is a cap, 2 cent cap is all you need

Young Ahn is of the camp, a  cap is a cap, Expensive test no better than a  cheap cap,, I wrote to him, he can not acccept this idea of **nuances that can not be measued ona  scope**, He believes that idea is pure snakeoil.. 
Trust me the caps Jadis installed back in the early 2000's, in the Defy are inferior to the Mundorf designs of  2015, the SESG Supremes. 
Had Jadis installed Supremes in the coupling caps, 12 /.47uf, the amp cost would run up significantly higher.
I happen to like faithful true to real life audio replication.

  My answer is to use neutral everything I can which in the case of capacitors would be those that measure well and perform their electrical duty without flavoring

WEll this should be everyones obvious goal in hifi( that old term from the late 1950's.  rings true here, High Fidelity).
grainy tube amps are not much better than a  razor edge clinical ss amp. 
IMHO speakers are the 1st component to consider, Everything rises or falls due to neutrality or lack of, comming from the speakers voice.
Makes little dif to add expensive caps to a  system if  one or more of the components havea   signature *favoring/coloring*, 
which we can sum up as ~~THe Fatigue Syndrone~~ aka <distortion>
Thanks Noro for  your experienced imput, 
I just installed the M SESG (=Silver  Gold Supreme EVO) .47 x 12  caps in my Defy last week, WOW, really nice details, Go to minute 23 and listen to faith Hill clearly detailed voice, every word can be distinctly heard. 
just a  really nice mod @ $45 per cap x 12. 
well worth the  cost.
if the Supremes will not fit ina  space, use the smaller brothers the White caps, EVO olil, half the price, much smaller