mundorf m-resist supreme vs jantzen mox and others

What are your opinions ?
mundorf resistor supreme are realy good has their reputation ?
The Mills MRA12 are the most accurate and neutral resistors I have tried. They are less HOT than Mundorf in terms of upper mids and highs. The Mills are quite natural sounding. 

The Duelund resistors are also good, but the CAST resistors can be a tad bright sounding in some systems. 

As usual this is always system dependent. 
so you say that mills are more warmer than mundorf which have more prominent highs frequencues ?
I don't think warm is the right term, but I would say more fidelity to the recording. 
ok, but in what mundorf isn't fidelity to the recording
so what you mean with "HOT"?
which has pess promined highs?
Therefore, no precise answer to my question?
You have not been very precise in describing the two products

grannyring's post makes perfect sense to me... I understand you wanting more details of his thoughts but his description of hot in the upper mid and highs should make sense to most 'philes.
I do agree with you that use of the word "fidelity' in this case might not be the best and maybe that is the word confusing you... So forget that word and just use the rest as base...
 But as he stated -- "in some systems." and  "As usual this is always system dependent." So you will have to hear but maybe others will report. Sorry I cant. 

Sorry been tied up.....Fidelity is actually the perfect word and what high fidelity audio is all about. Here is the definition: "the degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced" So a component higher in fidelity is truer to the source, musical event, actual sound of the instrument or voice etc....

They sound more real and deliver more high fidelity. Horns sound more as they should etc... Hope this helps. 

Thnak you and sorry my insidiousness.
i understand what you but i would know more precise description if you can.
that's tmbre of high, mid, bass....imaging...ecc...ecc... and also which one between the two is darker than the other
i hope you answer 
thank you in advance
I really cannot speak to the bass. But the Mundorf is not as warm or dark as you say. The Mundorf has some added energy in the upper mids and highs in my estimation compared to the more neutral Mills MRA. The Mills is warmer compared to Mundorf in direct comparison.   That has been my experience. You can do a search and see what others think. 

Both image fine. 

In my external crossovers I have used both the Mills and the Mundorf resistors.

I prefer the Mundorf. I am also using Mundorf Silver/Gold in Oil Supreme capacitors.


There you go! This question is very system dependent as well as subjective preferences. I will help you directionally however by saying the Mills are warmer and the Munforfs are more turned up in the brilliance area. You know your own preferences and system personality so plan accordingly. 
For small signals, I find nude Vishays to be unparalleled. For power dissipation, I prefer uncoated nichrome wire.
mills mra12 compared to mundorf m-resist supreme in bass region what are you impressions ?
thank you
hi all,
i'm comparing mundorf mresist supreme vs mills mra12.
i find mills more dynamic and complete but on dry side then the mundorf.
most or you say that mills are warm in comparison against mundorf.
i'm confused
More Burn in time needed. Different room, speakers, gear, ears etc... all play a role. 
Yes, they both will change over time. Resistors certainly change over initial burn in time of say 60 hours...
Mills is my go to resistor also... I've tried several,  there are clear differences in resistors,  but to my old ears,  not as much as in good capacitor difference....
"Hot"  means a peak,   normally a slight peak,  in the upper midrange to lower treble region...
just as "Warm" refers to the same in the lower midrange. 
Not sure,  I've been building speakers for a long time... I have definitely tried a couple different Mundorf resistors. I know one was a metal oxide type, because I was comparing it to Lynk, a similar type.  There is no doubt the quality is good,  depending on your needs, I can see preferring any one over the other. 

my Favorite is PHB Resistors(Foil) you can buy it in Germany,
they sound so clean no other Resistors can this.
A really good Combination for the Tweeter with Mundorf Silver/oil.

Greetings from Germany,

@ audio4pass

Never heard in my Xover Clarity Caps..sorry
Very good indeed is Rike Audio Q Cap or Audyn True Copper
they are little bit smoother easier to integrate with a lot of Tweeters.